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    Parting Out SoCal: 1966 FJ40

    Gas pedal bits on the interior side of the fire wall in decent shape?
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    Montana 65 FJ45LV "Tin Zen"

    One of you smart individuals wrote somewhere on Mud that the FJ55 dome light lense is very similar to the LV's. The lense does look very similar, the only difference I found is regarding some plastic tabs that wouldn't let the lense fit on the base. I trmmed one of the three tabs off and the...
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    Montana 65 FJ45LV "Tin Zen"

    The old window scrapers were rock hard and scratching the glass so I replaced them. Chris @c2dfj45 puts together a door gasket and scraper kit and the pieces fit perfect. Was able to pop out and re-use the little steel clips that hold the scrapers.
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    Montana 65 FJ45LV "Tin Zen"

    Hi and yes, been needing to update this thread. Thanks for the nudge. While patiently waiting in queue over at Classic Cruisers, I've kept chipping away at some smaller details. It's going to Classic Cruisers next week, they could have it for months. I'll catch the thread up over the next few...
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    Repro FJ40 jump seat straps

    I had a set of those Cruiser Corp straps, seriously inferior quality. They fell apart and were in the trash within a couple months. Been using bungee chords since. To their credit though, my Cruiser Corp seat covers are holding up nicely.
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    Ironman 4x4 Suspension for 40/45 Series

    I think they have different sized shocks. Good question for customer service, I've found the staff answering the phones over at Iron Man to be really good at getting answers.
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    69 Sow Transformation

    Good to see the body shop is getting caught up on last year's work. She's going to be a beauty Jon.
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    Montana 65 FJ45LV "Tin Zen"

    Thanks Mike. Those are the original license plate lenses after a good cleaning.
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    Montana 65 FJ45LV "Tin Zen"

    The door cards and rear bench are back from upholstery. They'll go in much later but I couldn't resist just setting up a door card to get a sense of it. Just like with the front bench, I feel like the upholsterer did an excellent job with these pieces. In the pics below, the card is sitting on a...
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    1966 LV “Operation Yellow Submarine back on the road”

    I saw a trick on YouTube I might try when the time comes. The guys cut small squares (maybe 4"×4") of 1/2" ish thick foam and put between each level of the spring's coils in the seat. Haven't tried it yet but sure seems like that might help with the sag.
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    Montana 65 FJ45LV "Tin Zen"

    Your LV is stunning, really nice work. Keeping the standards high. On the photo below, I added some contrast to the seat frame paint color. I tried matching the seat frame paint to the existing blueish/greenish interior color. In the photo below I put a piece of white paper on top of the...
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    Montana 65 FJ45LV "Tin Zen"

    Recieved the front bench back from upholsterer. Have to say definitely worth the wait, couldn't be happier. It's a handcrafted beauty complete with seat heaters. These guys are willing to make a run of these for those of you that want to commit to purchasing them, I'll try to circle back around...
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    Montana 65 FJ45LV "Tin Zen"

    Cleaned up the rear latch handle/license plate light. Made a new gasket, replaced bulbs and painted to match the rear bumper.
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    Montana 65 FJ45LV "Tin Zen"

    With the tailights fully installed, I couldn't resist running a quick by-pass wire to light them up and verify symmetry.
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    Steering Wheel Angle for FJ40

    Fwiw: I noticed the steering column angle on the '65 45LV seems lower than on the '71 40. I haven't measured the angles but the steering shaft is about an inch lower from the guage cluster on the LV.
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