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    Infotainment reboot after using Siri to make a phone call ?

    Yes and same response from Toyota.
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    SQOD Squad - Stupid Question Of the Day

    Does it have to be under the hood? I have a good tap in the interior that routs easily - but not under the hood.
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    Best method for kill switch on a 200 series TLC?

    If you are worried about RF magnification attacks, why not keep your fob in a faraday pouch? Its cheaper, simpler, and defeats that attack 100%.
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    Options to increase power on a LC 200

    I mean this would be a bit more than “bolt on” but it’d work. Toyota Tundra 3UR-FE 7.0L Stroker Race Engine -
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    PSA: Do NOT store dish soap in your drawer system. Thank me later.

    I will print this, frame it, and hang it in my garage because soap is so much better than other options. I say this because I frequently carry human remains for my K9’s cadaver training. I am so very worried that one day I’ll forget to grab everything. I mean it keeps me up nights sometimes...
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    Tire Chains on a 200 Series?

    For whatever it’s worth traction law here states: Traction Law During winter storms, or when conditions require, CDOT will implement the Traction Law. During a Traction Law, all motorists are required to have EITHER: 4WD or AWD vehicle and 3/16” tread depth Tires with a mud and snow...
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    Builds LEXpedition Overland Build Thread

    FWIW the ARB drawers are the EXACT height as the 2nd row folded flat, and that makes for one nice sleeping platform. I’m 6’5” 230 and I fit well - spent many a night above 13k feet in the back of my truck with all of my SAR gear, my camping gear, and my ARB fridge. Now if this were for two...
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    Replacement Battery

    For what it’s worth my battery went and I bought the toyota replacement because they offer a 7 year replacement warranty- my electrical demands aren’t crazy, just a winch and a fridge. First battery got 65k miles in less then 7 years, so I figure that warranty will be well used.
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    200 Series Tire and Wheel Size Database

    All very correct - I was strictly mentioning the size of the tire I put on, not the whole deal! They are - properly - LT275/70/R18 125/122Q E - or at least that is what it says on the tire.
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    200 Series Tire and Wheel Size Database

    Not at all! Rechecking has them as 275/70/R18’s
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    200 Series Tire and Wheel Size Database

    Good info. I actually want a set for my wife’s 4Runner and wondered if anyone has experience with them, especially in snow, so I figured I’d ask here. I just put a new set of 275/60/R18 Duratracs on my LC200 and am debating leaving them on over my Hakapalitas - but we’ll see.
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    200 Series Tire and Wheel Size Database

    Thoughts on a Nokian Rotiva AT?
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    New Dashboard and paddle shift

    Annnd do we get a link on the dash board?
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    FREE  Colorado Springs: Black 3rd row seats from a 200 Series.

    Moving, and I'll never put them back in the car - first come first serve.
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    Winter tires and driving

    I rocked the R3 last winter - very very sure footed. they were significantly gripier on any snow that was wet, packed, or icy than my AT’s ever have been. For what it’s worth they also ride very well on the highway. Now I suppose it’s worth mentioning that my BFG AT KO2’s we’re the only...
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