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    For Sale Flagstaff, AZ 1985 FJ60

    Interest in trade for an 01 LX470 at 178k miles?
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    SOLD Houston-1983 Toyota FJ60

    Would he have any interest in trading for an 01 LX470 with 177k miles? Could add cash on my end
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    For Sale 2004 100 Series For Sale - Austin

    I might be. I have an 01 LX470 at 176k if that piques your interest
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    For Sale Dallas: 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Your inbox is full
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    Trade 1997 FJ80 in Texas with LS swap

    This already sell? I have an LX470 and am in San Angelo, TX. May be willing to make this trade
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    For Sale Dallas: 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Has this sold?
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    For Sale 1971 FJ40/Cedar Park, TX/ $12,500

    Trade interest?
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    For Sale Thoughts? 1989 FJ62 - Missouri

    @kevinkevinkevin You goin for it?! Saw it pending on Facebook marketplace
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    For Sale Thoughts? 1989 FJ62 - Missouri

    I was talking to him about trading my rig (01 LX470). He’s just trying to get something that gets better gas mileage as it sounds like he’s moving out (guessing from his parents?). I take it he may not necessarily know what he has. If you can get it for under $10k than I say great on you
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    For Sale 1977 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 - AZ - White Soft Top

    Trade interest?
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    SOLD Atlanta wanted Clean LX470 under 200k miles

    I’m willing to talk about selling my 01 LX470 at 175k miles. Just got a brand new battery. Has a roof rack, truck vault, and molle panel in the back. Has weather tech mats, upgraded head unit, and I have some steelies that can go with it. The AHC is fully functional with no issues. Some minor...
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    SOLD Nevada 1987 FJ60

    Any interest in trading? Your daughter may like my 01 LX470 at 175k miles!
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    For Sale 82 V8J-60 & 83 MTDJ-60 for sale in Knoxville

    Would you consider a trade? 01 LX470 at 175k miles
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    SOLD Western Mass 1971 FJ40

    Wish it was running and reliable. I have an LX I’d trade in a heartbeat
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