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    SOLD Tepui Hybox RTT / Bowfin Cruiser Roof Rack 80 Series - Atascadero, CA

    I have someone coming on Saturday for both. I will get back to you both above. Thanks for the interest. Matt
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    SOLD  Tepui Hybox RTT / Bowfin Cruiser Roof Rack 80 Series - Atascadero, CA

    Here is a ink to my craigslist post Any questions give me a call 805-704-3473 Matt
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    Broken Door Handle Replacement Guide

    Just broke mine this morning. Now off to find a replacement
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    Power Antenna Help

    Is there a way to wire it so I can use the up down switch
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    Power Antenna Help

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    Power Antenna Help

    I have installed a aftermarket double din head unit and it is working great. I am connected to the grey plugins with the metra adapter. Today I installed a new power antenna, not OEM and it functions up and down when unit starts and power is turned off. I am not able to control with the up...
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    Window moulding and weatherstripping

    The outer door molding is called "Belt Weather-Strip". OEM part#s are as follows: 75710-60021 for the right front 75720-60021 for the left front 75740-60020 for the left rear 75730-60020 for the right rear I understand these numbers are for the molding and I need this as well. But isn't there...
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    Window moulding and weatherstripping

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    Window moulding and weatherstripping

    I am looking to replace all four windows weatherstripping and moulding. It is getting really bad. The weatherstripping is to the point where you can't see it anymore and the moulding is pulling up from the chrome underneath. Can someone provide me with the parts list to all four windows. My...
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    Help running wire

    I just bought a Kicker hideaway subwoofer with built in amp and it will be mounted under the driver seat. Does anyone have experience running the wires to the head unit? I would like to see if someone can give me some info on what worked for them. I also need to run a positive wire to the...
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    Bowfin Cruisers roof rack review

    Do you have any pics and what thick rubber did you use?
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    Bowfin Cruisers roof rack review

    So I just purchased a tepui hybox rtt and it is mounted to the bowfin rack. I have some squeaking that is rather annoying at slow speeds. I think it may be coming from the crossmembers that are not in use. All the crossbars are still on. What is the minimum crossbars to use? Or do I put...
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    Shock pairing for Dobinson tapered springs.

    Just a little gear in the back. 3rd row seats. 4x4 labs rear bumper with tank holder and tire holder.
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    Show me your fj cruiser steelies on 37’s.

    I just bought some aftermarket ones from RoadReady. OEM specs. I already have the 1.5” spacers behind the stock alloys. Waiting until my 315’s wear out, then I’ll move to the 17” wheel and go 37’s. Just more options with the 17” rather than one option (trepadors).
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