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    Grippy Cargo Box Cover Material?

    it’s not removable, but I used adhesive 12” diamond plate rubber tiles on the top of my drawers. It is grippy, easy to clean, and is easy to cut to go around corners or hinges. Before I had my boxes on top, our two 80lb dogs would regularly hop up and down off it and it held up to their claws...
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Felt the beginnings of metal on metal this past week when braking. Ended up replacing the rear rotors and pads this past Saturday and all is better. Ended up using both Bosch rotors and pads as they had the quickest delivery from Amazon. Fit and finish is just fine. They stop well and are...
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    Front Hitch Receiver on Slee ShortBus - Anyone Done It?

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. That confirms my thoughts that it should be a fairly straightforward addition. I am not so concerned with the winch being stolen as I am that a winch makes a vehicle stand out in a parking lot. I try to be as stealth as possible :).
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    Front Hitch Receiver on Slee ShortBus - Anyone Done It?

    As the title says... I am leaning towards the ShortBus bumper for the front of the LX for the simplicity and strength of the design, but I don't want a winch on there full time. One, it is a theft magnet and attracts unwanted attention to the truck, two - I use a winch more for utility than...
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    After 100K since the last change, I figured it was time to change my belts :oops:. I had been getting an intermittent ticking/tapping coinciding with RPM. I changed all belts and idler pulleys (AC and alternator), and wouldn't you know it, the noise was gone :bounce:. It was a nick on one of...
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    Post pics of your dog(s)with your 80!

    ^^^ beautiful dog!👍 Our Toller is pushing 15 now and still has plenty of play left in him, only just in 20 second bursts :). Other than some benign cysts we removed about three years ago, he has had no health issues. Good hips, joints, teeth, etc. He is a SUPER mellow dog and I suspect that...
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    rear starter bolt ain’t moving (and front is a bitch too)

    ^^^ This. A long 1/2" extension with a 1/2" cordless impact gun eventually got mine off.
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    Need ideas on how to mount a 7-way trailor connector

    Yes. Stays in place fine over rough roads/wash board surfaces. The only place I have had it get knocked off is actual off-road driving where it hung down too low and contacted the ground (I had forgotten to put it away after towing).
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    Need ideas on how to mount a 7-way trailor connector

    I mounted my 7-way plug bracket onto a Harbor Freight retrieval magnet painted to match the hitch. When not in use it tucks up onto the backside of the hitch. To use, I just reach underneath and it drops down and sticks to the bottom of the hitch. It has been on for over 100K of driving and...
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    Picture Request - Backside of LX Cladding (LF Door)

    Awesome! Thank you so much! That pic is just what I needed👍.
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    Part # for plastic guard behind front driver tire, covers fuel lines?

    Try this thread. I searched on "fender skirt". Inner Fender Skirt, Part #
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    Build Thread for FJ80 Trailer.

    As I stated earlier, I applaud your ingenuity and out of the box thinking. I also agree with @brosky that, as is, that trailer frame was never designed to take even 1/2 the weight of an 80. That being said, take things one step at a time (as you are) and you will end up fine with a VERY unique...
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    Few items I'm looking for - so many things to do ..

    Louver Sub-Assy (69205 is the right side)
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    LX Trim

    I have both the two volume hardcopy of the RM515U and a PDF version. Only the PDF version has the RM515U code on the bottom of the pages. They both cover the molding/trim though. In the hardcopy version I have, it is covered in the body section (BO) on pages BO37-BO44.
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    LX Trim

    FYI - The FSM actually shows VHB being used on the installation.
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