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    80s With Canoes

    Regardless of how many other straps there are when tied to the roof, the bow line is critical. It is the first visual indicator while driving that things are shifting or about to go south :oops:.
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    One Aftermarket Electrical Harness to Rule Them All

    The solar disconnect should go between the panels and the charge controller (some charge controllers may have a disconnect built into them). Treat a solar array just like any other power source. The disconnect (protection) should be as close to the source as practically possible.
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    One Aftermarket Electrical Harness to Rule Them All

    Very nice layout. Thanks for posting as it gives a nice visual to mentally layout a wiring plan. The only comment I would make is to add an emergency disconnect (visibly labeled switch or CB) at each power source. In a short circuit/electrical fire situation seconds count and being able to...
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    (Not Mine) Repost - Amazing Bussman RTMR with Metri-Pack 280s

    ^^^^^ THAT..., is the beauty of MUD :). It takes you to places you've never been before, gaining knowledge along the way.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    This one will eventually migrate to the rear window and a 1 CH BlackVue is on my list for the front. I read a lot of BlackVue reviews stating problems with non-BlackVue SD card recognition. Any issues from your experience?
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Added a hardwired dash cam. After seeing one too many of @98 SNAKE EATER 's dash cam videos, I decided that a dash cam is cheap insurance. I put 500-700 miles a week on my truck and sooner or later something is going to happen (to me or someone else) that I wish I had a video record of. It...
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    Metri-Pack - Best Budget Crimper and Source for Terminals

    Sub'd. Timely post as I'm looking to do the same. Additionally, I have been looking for a Metri-Pack bulkhead style connector to use for through-panel (roof, floor, firewall) connections and have not had much luck. Any leads are appreciated.
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    Why do my rear windows keep poping off motors?

    I followed the steps in this post and have done it twice over the years. Just go slow, with gentle pressure, and the channel on the bottom of the window will shift back to its correct position. Note - Despite the title of the thread, you DO NOT need to pull the glass out of the channel to...
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    OBDII Emissions - Catalyst Monitor Not Ready

    I just went through this in NJ. I could get all my monitors to set except the CAT. In the end it took 650 miles of driving over a week and a half to get the CAT monitor to go ready. The other thing I did, at my long time mechanic's suggestion, was run two bottles of "CRC Guaranteed To Pass"...
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    Hard shell RTT with Bowfin or Prinsu rack ???

    The cross bars are 1” x 2” T-Slot Structural Extruded Rails (80/20) cut to whatever length you need to fit between the side rails. The rails and attachment hardware are available from multiple vendors online. If you ordered the Bowfin rack I’m sure you could order extra rails. One nice thing...
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    Hard shell RTT with Bowfin or Prinsu rack ???

    I mount our RTT (soft side, but the concept would work the same for a hard shell) on a Bowfin and have two extra dedicated 80/20 aluminum cross bars that stay permanently mounted to the tent. To mount, the tent is just dropped between the Bowfin side rails and all hardware connections are done...
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    Thanks for the reply, Woody. What displays in option 1 and 2 is just a black screen where the Amazon image should be (you can move your cursor over where the link image should be and there is nothing active). I’d screenshot it but am using Safari on my phone now and the links display fine. It...
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    Exhaust leak - gasket between header and y pipe?

    Exhaust Manifold Downpipe Kit Part #'s are in the link but Wits' End offers a nice kit.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I think that is my new sig line. It speaks volumes :)...
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    94 value now to baseline

    Between the lockers and the cloth interior, you could make your money back parting it tomorrow. If you are up for a project, I'd say it was a great deal.
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