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    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    I added a pickup tailgate LED brake/turn signal light bar on the roof rack for added visibility.
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    New Brake Pads, Considering Hawk SuperDuty, Anyone have Experience/Recommendations?

    I use EBC yellow stuff brake pads and am very pleased with them.
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    LRA tank owners with EFI

    I ran a forty gallon tank in my FJ60 with a Ramjet. A frame mounted fuel pump would constantly overheat stranding me on the roadside until the pump cooled off. I had an in-tank fuel pump installed and never an issue. I never gave cutting a hole in the tank a thought.
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    West Texas Toyotas

    There are a couple of us in El Paso. Is the pizza foundation still around? Before I retired I would go to Alpine at least twice a month.
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    Old Man Emu Lift Issues In Rear

    I have a 2013 200 Series with OME2725: .75" Heavy Constant (880 - 1300 lbs of additional rear weight) rear springs. and the heavy front springs. Adjustable UCA's and adjustable Panhard bar. The ride was good but the front to rear rake was very pronounced. I had some OEM spacers and OME...
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    Suggestions on black wheels for 200 Land Cruiser?

    I really like my Steelies. Much cheaper than alloys and a couple of pounds lighter each than the stock wheels.
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    On Road Comfort in the LC200

    Buy a Cadillac for a smooth ride.
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    SOLD  SOLD SOLD El Paso,TX Switch pro SP-9100

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a brand new Switch Pro SP-9100 for sale. $549.00 on Amazon Selling for $435.00 with shipping included.
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    For Sale El Paso, TX Two Scepter MFCs

    Boxed up and ready to ship .
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    Ladder Options

    Rhino Rack makes two folding ladder options.
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    Long term wear from towing. Real world data on what to expect.

    OK that makes sense. I've driven down hill without a trailer and have manually downshifted to 2nd. Doesn't really slow down the truck like a manual transmission. This looks like an upgrade for a later date...
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    Aux Tank Experience?

    I think that would be a question for @wardharris .
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    Long term wear from towing. Real world data on what to expect.

    Thanks , now that brings the question how to lock the TC ? The only way I've seen that is having an Australian valve body kit installed $$$.
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    More teachers doing the deed, this time a threesome....

    I think part of it , is that kids are being sexualized much younger than before. They are bombarded with sex with TV, movies, music. What used to be mysteries about sex are now easily looked up on a phone. There is pressure on kids to have sex based on their culture of music and videos...
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