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    1974 FJ40 Complete Rewire

    Does anyone know if a 1972 FJ40 ignition switch is mutually bussed?
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    For Sale  $40.00 + S&H Small Block Chevy Fans, and Clutch for Sale

    I have two Small Block Chevy Fans. A used OEM 19.5" Dia counter-clockwise rotating 5 blade (PN 162705724073 ) and a new aftermarket 18" Dia counter-clockwise rotating 5 blade fan. I also have an AC Delco Fan Clutch (PN 15674644) for sale. I'm looking for $40.00 + S&H for the lot. PM if interested.
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    Best suspension on FJ40. Need advice.

    Does anyone have experience with a company called Archer Automotive Spring from New Zealand? They are the only ones who still make parabolic springs for FJ40s (I know some people aren't huge fans of parabolic springs).
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    For Sale FJ40 OEM Battery Tray

    Sorry dirtywilks, I just sold my last battery tray.
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    For Sale FJ40 OEM Battery Tray

    Still have one available. PM me if interested.
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    FOX 2.0 IFS on '72 FJ40

    I'm looking to mount some Fox 2.0 IFS shocks on my 1972 FJ40 (985-24-005-1) that have 1/2" diameter shock pin diameter. Does anyone know what the shock pin diameters are for the front top and bottom/ rear top and bottom pins are? OME leads me to believe that they are 31.7 mm or ~1.25 inches...
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    Need conversion advice 350 auto

    Yeah, I think I need to shift some stuff around.
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    350 TBI Engine Height

    For those of you with Firestein motor mounts, do any of you have a Saginaw P/S conversion kit? Will the steering shaft clear the motor mounts?
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    Need conversion advice 350 auto

    Does anyone know if a Saginaw PS Conversion will clear these mounts? Particularly, the shaft from the steering column to the back of the Saginaw gear box?
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    FJ55L Heater/ AC Cabin Unit in an FJ40

    Has anyone attempted to put a FJ55L Heater/ AC Cabin Unit in an FJ40? Is it too tall?
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    Aftermarket (even mechanical) gauges into STOCK cluster!!!

    Could you repost those pictures from earlier (instructions on first page of post)? They have been removed.
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    Power Steering Pitman Arm

    Either Parts Mike, or Advanced Adapters should have a 6.5-7" pittman arm. I also found that the 1981-1985 Chevy Camaros had just the right pittman arm length with a ~2" drop.
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    LC200 Engines

    Is it from the FJ79s or the LC200s?
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    Power Steering Pitman Arm

    I have an Advanced Adapters P/S Conversion that uses a CJ7 (I think) TRE. Does anyone know of a pitman arm that will fit that taper? I looked at wagoneers, but I think those have a different taper. PartsMike told me an XJ arm, but I think it is too short or has too aggressive of a drop (I only...
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    FJ40 in tank EFI fuel pump

    I would be curious to know if it is quieter than an in-line electric fuel pump. Does the engine prime pretty quickly or does it have to turn over a few times?
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