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    The Monstalined 80's thread

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    Fzj80 - 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration

    Looks super clean and ready to get dirty!
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    2006 FJ Cruiser rims on FZJ80

    Who's spacers where you running with these rims?
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    Questions regarding shocks for 0-2.5"

    I went with the Fox IPF 2.0 shocks.
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    2019 3rd Annual Guys Weekend Labor Day Weekend! Coyote Lake

    Thought I'd extended the invitation for our 2019 3rd Annual Guys weekend! Yup you heard right Official Guys weekend, so leave the ladies at home! We will be leaving Thursday Aug 29th and making our way out to Shaver lake where we will hit the trail to Red Lake then on to Coyote Lake. This is a...
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    Vinyl wrap for 80 series vs. paint

    I believe it was called desert sand.
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    Vinyl wrap for 80 series vs. paint

    Monstaliner and rattle can!
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    Any upcoming event around obispo?

    Make your reservations for Pismo, they are usually sold out for every weekend during the summer.
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    Any upcoming event around obispo?

    Whacha got in mind? Thinking about doing an overnight run up miller heep trail to Alamo Mt. This 27th- 28th or August 4-5? Trying to get one last trip in before the kids go back to school. -Joe-
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    2018 Rubithon Wagon Run

    I seen them on Facebook TLCA page.
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    30th Annual Rubithon 2018

    Don't wait on me, I left early and made it to Tahoe this morning. Might head in to the springs via Tahoma entrance solo or wait for you guys coming in Tuesday.
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    Meal Prep, what do you vacuum seal for the trail?

    Just curious as to what everyone else pre makes at home then vacuum seals for the trail.
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    Anyone mount LEDs on interior rear hatch?

    Added s few 9w eagle eye LEDS.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Almost ready for Rubithon 2018!
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Painted my rims Satin Black and add my my Clubs name to my Trasharoo. Finishing up little projects before Rubithon 2018.
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