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    2021 Holiday Party Headcount

    Brice, sorry man... my girlfriend's work party is the same day. It starts earlier but I don't think it will finish by the time yours is going. We will try to stop by to say hi towards the end. I'm bummed but hope to see everyone sometime soon. Let's get campin!!!
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    2021 Holiday Party Headcount

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    CSC Random picture thread

    First pic is sunrise in the beautiful metropolis of Quemado, dirt is just south of there around Luna, destination was Red River for 5 days with rides up into southern Colorado and all over the northern half of NM.
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    CSC Random picture thread

    Random pics from my 2,300 mile New Mexico ride last week...
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    Events/Trails 2021 Holiday Party - December 11, 2021

    @brices123 , I have a couple of 20x30 pole/tarp canopies that are available if you want to move it more outside. I'd be happy to bring them over if weather looks inclement and/or if folks are more comfortable congregating outside. Just let me know buddy!
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    How do I fix my 4X4 Labs bumper?

    I straightened my twisted ARB front bumper with some heat and some persuasion from a frame machine. That's about the only way to get that thick steel to budge. Unless you replace the entire face with new you'll probably always have a wrinkle. You could do a little body work on it with filler...
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    Possibly the worst craigslist ad I have ever seen.

    Hahaha holy moly!!!! The pics are bad enough but the atrocious grammar and punctuation in that ad makes my skin crawl:rofl:
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    Events/Trails Official PHX Monthly Cruiser Cruise thread: Check here for details

    I forewent the last meeting due to the heat as I assume most others did. Though if a monsoon cools things off, I'll make the trek down there for sure.
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    New Shirts and new members

    Received mine yesterday. Thanks Steve! These shirts are legit. For anyone wondering about fit, I'm 6'4" 220 and the XL is perfect. Nice and long.
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    CSC Chat

    $5k?!?!? Surely we can build one for half that :p
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    CSC Chat

    Y'all see this yet? Pretty cool!
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    Next Generation Tundra - Thoughts?

    Looks like a GMC to me. I miss good ol fashioned square-ish steel pickups. They all look like angular plastic cladded abominations now.
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    77 Dodge D100

    Some more pics
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    77 Dodge D100

    Just discovered this forum and, why not. I wasn't looking last November when I ran across this little orphaned family owned truck. "Uncle Paulino" owned it since new and it was sitting in a storage yard since 2004. Got it running and driving, rebuilt and lowered the...
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