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    Used rear control arms?

    I'm looking to replace the rear upper and lower control arms on my '03 LC with 240k miles. I'm hoping replacement control arms will diminish my driveline clunk. I've tracked down a set of rear upper and lower control arms for ~$200 shipped off a crashed '06 LX with 60k miles. With that few...
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    '09 at Springhill Toyota in Mobile, AL?

    Anyone taken a look at this silver '09 for sale at Springhill Toyota in Mobile, AL? I hate the silver color but the price is decent. Curious if anyone has taken it for a drive.
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    For Sale 2009 in Sacramento. Not mine, no affiliation

    '09 with 128k miles sold on eBay for $20500 yesterday. I came just short of winning the auction. This example in Sacramento seems fairly priced but no amazing deal.
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    11.4 MPG. Is that normal?

    I see ~17 mpg highway @70mph with winter tires. Nice, light foot. Long following distance to avoid unnecessary braking.
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    Pre-purchase rust advice on a 2006

    ~3 years ago I paid $5000 for my '03. Had spent its entire life street parked in Boston. Is still street parked in Boston and is not as rusty as this one. Maybe 2/3 as much. I still had to spend $1500 in June 2017 at Auto Rust Technicians in Providence RI to have some major repairs done. That...
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    Part-out Value?

    Stock to my knowledge, runs and drives nicely.
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    Part-out Value?

    A friend of mine offered to pass along his very rusty (but otherwise well-kept) FJ60 for the tune of $1500. I've parted out a few cars in the past (mostly R107 Mercedes) and made a few bucks while helping out the enthusiast community. Are there more than $1500 worth of parts on a rusted out 60?
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    For Sale ‘87 FJ60 $2000

    If it is revived salvage I will pay you right now however is easiest (paypal?) and arrange to have the truck picked up. All the FJ60s in my neck of the woods are RUSTY Feel free to call or text me 860-798-4345. Thanks!
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    For Sale ‘87 FJ60 $2000

    Just tried to send you a PM, but your box is full. Could you clarify the title situation? Is the title "revived salvage" where it can be registered normally?
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    Common issues for ABS light?

    Works great. No ABS issues since I installed that sensor two years ago. Looks almost identical to the OEM sensor, so you might be thinking of something else? You can tell there's a difference in materials holding both in your hands, but they function the same. Basically just a magnet.
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    Rusted Brake Line

    Dealer just called with their price. Two lines need replacing - one that failed and another that isn't looking so good. And then a full flush of the system. $80 parts and materials, 3 hours labor for $430 total. Not so bad I think, especially considering bringing the car anywhere else would...
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    Rusted Brake Line

    Thanks! It's frustrating that my mechanic declined to make the brake line. He's honest and affordable but this is the second time he has declined to make a repair for me. Time to find someone else, I guess. I do have a brake line cutter and double flare tool in my workshop, but it's around 100...
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    Rusted Brake Line

    Had a really bad brake failure on my '03 last night. Out of nowhere the pedal goes to the floor and I see smoke from brake fluid hitting the exhaust manifold. I pop the hood and brake fluid is pouring out from underneath the master cylinder. I have the car towed to my mechanic, and he calls me...
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    Dropping Fuel Tank - '03 LC

    Most likely not replacing the tank, assuming it is in okay condition. Will repaint it, replace the EVAP lines to eliminate the leak, and remount the tank with new straps and pan. I recently acquired rust-free tank pan and straps from a junkyard.
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    Dropping Fuel Tank - '03 LC

    A smoke test confirmed that I have an EVAP leak from one of the hoses running above the fuel tank on my '03. The metal pan and straps that hold up the fuel tank are also hopelessly rusted. What is the best method to disconnect the hoses, vent, wires from the fuel tank so I can drop it? Thanks!
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