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    Builds FitzJ60 1983 FJ60 Build

    Great progress!
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    Steel Wheel Tech

    Great thread, thankyou! Re the Tacoma Steele’s, why are you not a fan?
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    Towing a 60 backwords?

    Hi all, I know there are posts about towing a 60 either flat or on a dolly. Removing the rear DS is the recommended approach. I will be moving soon, towing my 60 on a dolly behind the moving truck. A friend suggested I could tow it backword, rear wheels on the dolly. Thus no need to remove...
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    steering - repair, improvements, what I learned

    The shim goes on top of the leaf pack, between the top leaf and the bottom of the axle. The fat part goes towards the front, which rotates the axle and increases caster.
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    In vehicle food storage

    Spam. Lasts forever.
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    steering - repair, improvements, what I learned

    From what you've described (and replaced/repaired so far) I think Caster is worth looking at more closely. It's pretty common, even perhaps a best practice, to use 3 degree caster shims with OME or similar suspensions. Use the steel ones, not aluminum.
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    Tall skinny tires

    Super curious how you like these after some miles in varied terrain.
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    FJ62 to fj60 rear axle swap

    80 series have 4:11 and the rear diff swaps into a 62. Note - front diff on the 80 does not swap into a 62.
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    New 1983 FJ60 Air bag suspension question

    Hi & welcome to Mud (and cruiser madness). Your cruiser has stock springs, which are clearly worn out. The first step is to replace the springs. For most 60 series owners that solves sagging problems. It's pretty rare to need airbags in addition to springs that are in good condition. There...
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    Anyone using Overland Navigator software?

    Don’t know, stopped using it.
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    FJ62 Front Seatbelt Replacement - Help Needed

    You can add a layer of duct tape or similar to the inside of the b pillar covers. This adds some strength and resilience to minimize cracking.
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    anyone help with inverter

    Suggest a fuse. Don't know the amp draw from the ps3 or tv, but typically go 20% higher than that. You will need to measure the distance of cabeling needed, then use a chart like this to figure out wire size Online Wire Size Calculators & Tables. Finally, crocodile clips can work, but it's...
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    FJ62 Fan Clutch Tuning and Tech Help

    If you still have your 62 fan clutch, run a few screws through it so it’s locked up. That is, engaged 100%. If u still have cooling problems, it’s not the fan clutch.
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    3:1/4:1 gears in a split case

    I noticed gear whine when they were first installed. I now have ~10K miles on them and maybe I've gotten used to it, but I think it's much better now. And, the noise is only noticable on the freeway. Around town I never noticed it. The gears are otherwise invisible, so DD is fine.
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    3:1/4:1 gears in a split case

    I bought a stock DS motor mount, cut off the bolts, drilled it, then thru-bolted it in place. It's bomber.
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