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    1st Thread - Intro, and a token for you.

    Bump...Any updates on this?
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    Best CV option, Rebuilt? A/M? // Best Radiator for the money. 2020 Edition

    If we wanted to change the same parts over and over again, we'd buy Jeeps
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    Whining on first drive

    Same thing on my 99 when temps below freezing...goes away within a mile.
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    Wheel opinions

    The truth comes out!
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    Project Hundy Build Thread - 2000 UZJ100 Land Cruiser (Deathstar)

    I'm confused. In this post you say you are getting high readings, but in your previous post you used words like "minor charging" and "sporadic at best". If you battery light is on and you are not getting about 14 volts + or - from your alternator after starting, then your symptoms are like mine...
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    What did you break on your 100 this week?

    Kinda wanting to hear more about this. How did it happen? Is everyone ok?
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    What did you break on your 100 this week?

    We blew our front diff at Overland Expo a couple years ago...wife was driving in a class and I was spotting. I heard the awful sound and knew exactly what it was. Told my wife the front diff was dead, and she said "does that mean we get a front locker?" I said "YES, and that's why I married you!"
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    300k on my 100 series—is it safe to tow?

    less than a year ago I towed a GX470(Walmart spilled some kind of fluid into the brake booster and killed it; Warned my son previously about Walmart oil changes, but they never listen, haha) on Uhaul car trailer...I'm sure I was over the recommended tow issues then or since....OD...
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    4.88 gears or not

    SO many factors to how a 100 series(or any vehicle) drives at 80+ on the highway: weight up high or low? suspension appropriate for weight? Tires are a huge thing. Stock LC with Michelin LTX MS tires is about as good as it gets, for a big SUV, on the highway at speed. But a lifted one...
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    4.88 gears or not

    1. If your engine is in reasonable tune/maintained, no CE lights, etc...its likely not the engine. The tranny is just a bit out of sorts with 33's and up. I have done the switch to 4.88(see my post #46 from last year, above) and it is one of my very favorite mods. Would do it again 100%...
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    Regearing to 4.88s

    When I looked at the numbers again, I think it may be more like 2800...which is still fine. Your 5th gear is .72, not .71 and your 34s may really be 33.7 or something. Here is the real formula for you, or anyone,specifically. Your highest gear ratio(.72 for you) times your diff ratio(4.88...
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    Regearing to 4.88s

    This is a simple middle school math problem. Stock rpms at a given speed * 4.88/4.1 * 31/34. 80mph is approximately 2600rpms. Very smooth and chill for the 4.7
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    Alternator Replacement steps...from this weekend

    1. Get alternator and new alternator plug. Part# 90980-11349 if 98-02 2. Disconnect battery(s) 3.remove air filter box lid, unplug MAF sensor, unclamp plastic intake tube from airbox and intake; get lid and other intake plastic out of the way 4. Remove front skid plate 5. Use 14mm ratchet...
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    Alternator Replacement - A Saga

    So I literally just finished typing up a step by step R and R for the alternator as I just did it twice this weekend...with help from mudders. I take out the three bolts from the PS pump and that let's it move enough. No line disconnect, or reservoir, or bleeding needed after. I too pull it out...
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    Many thanks to all the mudders who pitched in with advice, wiring diagrams, and even shop! Great community
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