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    Pulsing/droning vibration at highway speeds

    Have read through the list in post 101, super helpful! Seems like lateral runout or driveshaft and yolk are most likely problems by that table. I don't have tools to do run out on anything, but have a new balanced rear shaft and can say the vibration goes away when the rear shaft is out.
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    Pulsing/droning vibration at highway speeds

    So, I finally got off my lazy ass and used my phone to measure the angles. I get the transfer case at 2.9 degrees down (top back), and the pinion tilted 0.2 degrees up (top back), for a total angle of 2.7 degrees at rest. I really really hope this is the problem, and will do my best to get that...
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    Pulsing/droning vibration at highway speeds

    Honestly, at this point, I think I'm going to adjust the AHC sensors to bring it a bit lower and see if I can get the vibration to go away with height changes. If I can, then I might sink some money into upper links. I'm north of $1000 chasing this issue and have nothing to show for it; I'm...
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    Pulsing/droning vibration at highway speeds

    No luck, sadly. I've adjusted the arms a few times to get the angle right - first I had too much length and it made for an interesting vibration around 35 and 75+ mph. Shortened them by one rotation, and now it's basically the same sort of droning noise from 70 mph up as before the new links...
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    Wanted  CFL: OEM (non-ahc) Torsion Bars

    Hello all - looking for a set of OEM torsion bars from a non-AHC 100. My AHC bars are cranked to max now with a winch and sliders, and I want to experiment with non-ahc bars on the front end. I remember contacting a member in Ocala that was selling a pair awhile back but can't find that post...
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    Missed out on Hundreds in the Hills? Lets talk (Ideas for Southeastern 100 series event)

    I've been going to windrock for years; only once in the 100 though. It's got tons of trails but knowing which ones to travel down can be a challenge. Easy is practically a graded road. Hard is for rock crawlers. Medium is anything from mild to stuck on a wet clay hill waiting for rescue (for...
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    The "Un-Official" Off Road Trailer Pic Thread

    Hey @84shortyota, you reminded me to post my also mostly finished trailer build up here! Rear kitchen view. Can see the fold-down counter top, extinguisher, cooking spoons/spatulas, paper towel holder, bottles for cooking oils and vinegar, sink, storage bins, and cooler. Cooler is mounted on...
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    New to me LX470

    Cooking and eating our last dinner while camping; skirt steak, sweet potatoes and corn on the fire, sauted onions and peppers, plus tomato and cucumber salad on the side, s'mores for dessert:
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    New to me LX470

    Awesome random group of (mostly) venezuelans having a big ole camping trip/reunion/food fest on the beach. Great people, super friendly. Hopefully have some new wheeling friends to go out with! They had folks from as far away as Texas here. Every vehicle was a toyota except for a single...
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    New to me LX470

    Went on a Thanksgiving camping trip. Hardly any four-wheel driving, but lots of camping/biking/hiking/playing at the beach/eating going on. We all had a blast, even the kid. He was pretty sad about coming home today! I think I made the lower links too long - vibration has changed to...
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    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    Thanksgiving camping trip! Fernandina Beach, FL Ran across this random group of (mostly!) venezuelans from all over the US. A couple hundreds, an 80, FJ cruisers, etc. The only vehicle there that wasn't a toyota was a single F150. The invited us over for a pork roast, super friendly...
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    For Sale Tampa craigslist 2006 LC 51K

    Came here to post this. Unbelievable deal. I've seen a few ads like this where you'll text them and they string you along but never ask for anything. Anyone know what the deal is with that?
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    Florida LandCruiser Owner Registry

    I checked mine and they certainly don't look like they're that old; neither do all the hoses. So I'm in the fun position of being unsure how old all my radiator hoses are. I'm guessing they were replaced at the same time the timing belt was done - roughly 115k I think, but without...
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    New to me LX470

    Also, ordered a 'make 7 v1' in tan from @BenCC to replace my rear seat audio system with something useful - quick charge USBs! I went with some chinese amazon knock-off because they didn't have any voltmeters or LEDs, but they didn't quite fit right. Ben make his stuff to use the bluesea USB...
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    New to me LX470

    Some small work done. Installed my new @TRAIL TAILOR lower links in my quest to fix my driveline vibration/harmonic. Took it for a quick spin around the block; definitely move NVH than the originals, but that's to be expected. Much harder bushing on one end and solid bushing on the other...
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