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    Broke my back

    Geez! That really sucks. get well my friend.
  2. kim

    In memory

    These are from 2014 when Gary and my family travelled to Mt Lavina for a work party there. Mike McT was at the tower when we arrived to work.
  3. kim

    In memory

    This picture is my last of Gary when we camped up at T'sek in February of this year. I was just fooling around as Gary is a hard fella to get on camera.
  4. kim

    July 9, 2020 Regular Meeting and Pot Luck BBQ: Near Ft. Langley!

    I can pick this up if you still need.
  5. kim

    Thursday Meeting - Pub

    We are on the east patio.
  6. kim

    Thursday Meeting - Pub

    I am here and have asked for a table for 6. Waiting for a table to come available.
  7. kim

    Thursday Meeting - Pub

    See you at the pub.
  8. kim

    2019 Christmas Party: Saturday, December 14, Clayton Pub. 6pm!

    Brenda and I will be there. Hope we aren't too late confirming.
  9. kim

    Nov 9th and 10th

    Fall of 2015.
  10. kim

    Hale Creek Shelter Build

    Hmm, good question.
  11. kim

    Cruiser Days 2019 June 22, Hougen Park, Abbotsford!

    Sorry to miss the show, folks! Next year...
  12. kim

    Sedona, Arizona

    Well, being the idiot I am, I completely forgot to take pics being engrossed in testing.
  13. kim

    Sedona, Arizona

    When are you headed down? I just spent a week north of Phoenix testing for certification at the International Four Wheel Drive Training Association event.
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