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    For Sale 80 parts for sale-NE

    PM sent for the rear wing
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    SOLD Sun visors and steering wheel

    Sold tnx
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Installed ARB side rails and Iron Man awning last weekend
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    SOLD So Cal: TJM 80/100 Series Front & Rear Springs, 3" Lift

    Interested do you still have the springs
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    SOLD  Sun visors and steering wheel

    Grey sun visors for 91-97 land cruiser $100 shipped and grey steering wheel $175 shipped no cruise control will fit 95-97 land cruiser 1 size smaller from stock steering wheel fits perfectly
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    SOLD Socal - OEM Amber Turn Signal Housing

    PM sent
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    For Sale FZJ 80 Steel Wheel - Denver

    PM sent
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    Wanted Westcoast: 1997 LC/LX450

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    Wanted FZJ80/LX450 Wanted

    Mud member Carmelo is selling his lx450
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