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    Where Has Your 80 Taken You?: 80 Series Camping/Overland/Adventure Thread

    Care to share the coordinates of that spot?
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    Arch moulding?

    What color do you need? I've got the following parts numbers, prices and notes for my white LC. As you can see in my notes my assumption is that you can just buy two extra front flare gaskets and then use them in the rear by cutting them to length but I've not tested/confirmed that. I don't...
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    Actual Water Temps

    That's interesting as it's very stable on my Android device. I don't run Torque very often so haven't bothered with setting up dedicated hardware for it but on the trips where I'm using nav, etc. on my phone and also wanting to monitor temps it would be nice to have Torque on it's own...
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    Valve Stem Seal Replacement

    One thing to consider is if you'll have room to do all 4 valves on cylinder #6. Not sure if it's an issue but the stem angles may run this tool into the firewall even after you remove the heater control valve and hoses in that area.
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    Sounds unusually hot, is it possibly you are dumping raw fuel through the engine to be burned by the cat thus causing this?
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    Driving 1 Tire Slightly Bigger Than Other 3

    @MidMan I'll try to explain the Viscous Coupler (VC) topic a bit even though I'm less qualified than many to do so. he viscous coupler, if your 80 has one, is in the transfer case and was a core component of the All Wheel Drive functionality for the 80 series land cruisers equipped with them...
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    Difficulty finding original right rear body/door flare for 96 FJZ80 (green)

    If your old flare is good cosmetically and is just missing the mounting tabs then there are at least a few ways to fix your old flare that should be easier/cheaper than sourcing a replacement or painting etc. I'd probably go with a version of this fix...
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    Still overheating...everything replaced.

    Get some air flowing through it and see where you are before you worry about replacing it and hopefully you can rock that all brass Rad. indefinitely. One other item I forgot to mention and didn't see in your list is cleaning the AC condenser. Air has to flow through it first, for the most...
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    Still overheating...everything replaced.

    The next step that I'd take is to mod the fan clutch. I'd adjust / set the opening temp and change the oil per this thread: Note that these days folks are running 15000 CST and heavier oils in most cases. My clutch is set to be...
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    Lexus 450 rebuild

    You definitely have way more experience than I do and I encourage the OP (and anyone else) to follow your suggestions in all cases, especially over mine :) That being said, I'll at least explain my recommendation even though it's probably a bit OCD. I have only 1 HG replacement job on a...
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    Lexus 450 rebuild

    Double check the exhaust manifold studs/nuts, especially towards the rear of the engine, to make sure you've removed all of them. I don't recall any issues removing the manifolds on mine except for missing one nut near cylinder #6 initially. Perhaps you lightly/carefully tap around on the...
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    Lexus 450 rebuild

    Looks like a real score. My main suggestion is that you do not reuse the head bolts. Beyond that read up on mud and build a "while you are in there list" based on what makes sense to you and what you read from the many others who have done this job. As stated above that should at least...
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    Fender Flare triangle shaped paint protector?

    I believe it's a clear tape/sticker put in place to protect the paint from rocks/similar thrown up from the front tires. I don't think they were painted over from the factory but I may be wrong on that. They also seem a bit redundant with the running board setup but perhaps they were installed...
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    FZJ80: Leaking coolant and oil

    nice! I made the same discovery on my drive home with my "deferred maintenance special" of an 80. A common symptom for a neglected 80 these days I assume.
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    FZJ80: Leaking coolant and oil

    @Cass007 I'm sure you fixed the seized idler and missing belt after that pic, but OP if your engine looks like that you've got more than oil leaks to fix :)
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