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    Taz build

    Those rear speakers are “interesting”. It looks like it’s part tournament boat! The rear seat passengers must love it! The wheels are a big improvement.
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    1st gen 4runner parts

    $2,000 is insane. I paid $2,000 Canadian ($1,500 USD) for my ‘89 and the guy had put over $11,000 in to the mechanicals in the previous 20,000 miles. It had less rust than either of those, and ran and drove almost perfectly.
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    Questions about selling a 1994 Toyota ext cab, V6, 4x4

    I’m glad you pointed that out. It seems everyone forgets that 22REs gack a head gasket with regularity as well. So do the 3.4s. The 3.0 in my ‘89 4Runner gives awesome fuel economy, and more than enough power for the truck it’s in. Mine has around 180,000 on it too, and had rust in the...
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    The life and times of my 1987 Toyota Pickup - KLF Special

    Jeez. I haven’t been on here for a while and see this. Bummer! I’d be getting the appraisal done and add that to your list of comparables. Do you know anyone at a Toyota dealer? There is a senior sales guy at my dealer who owns an ‘89 Runner like mine (had it since new) and a FJ40. He...
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    Sabo's 89 4Runner Build Thread

    Looking good!
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    1st Gen 4Runner Soft Top

    @GCat I still love the look of your rig with the steelies and Maxxis tires! Muy macho! I’m still totally loving my Softopper too. It’s absolutely the best cash I’ve spent on a 4x4 in my 35+ years of wheeling Toyotas!
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    Truck ADD strikes again... '93 X-Cab SAS

    It’s not red though...
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    Stock height Rear 1992 4Runner bilstein 5100 part number and source

    And 5100s are total crap. Bilsteins warranty is total crap too. I’d spend my money elsewhere.
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    4Runner - Purchase?

    Thanks Will. I sold it a couple of years back, but now I have my 1st gen so I can sleep at night again...
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    4Runner - Purchase?

    I hear ya! My 3.4 auto with locker. It was awesome...
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    Builds Do I need to buy a flat bill now? Chap79 Tacoma Build

    I’m running the ST Maxx in 255/85 on mine since day one. There is zero rub on stock suspension,so you’ll be fine. I’m about to get 2” taller today, so I should be even cooler b6 the end of the day. Good choice on the Softopper. I love the one on my 4Runner, and will be getting one for the...
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    4Runner - Purchase?

    Don’t forget the factory locker in the 3rd. How is the whole virus thing in Texas? I’m in BC and it’s pretty much done here. There are a couple of cases popping up but 90% plus is confined to institutions. There is almost none in the general public.
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    Sabo's 89 4Runner Build Thread

    You’ve got a good starting point there. I’m partial to ‘89 V6s as well. Mine had been attacked by the black wheel and rattle can too. You can get past that. Removing the LED headlights is the best mod ever! I personally don’t mind the removable ignition key thing. You can put them in the...
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    4Runner - Purchase?

    Go 1st or 3rd Gen 4Runner Will. Odds rule!
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    1985 Toyota Dolphin?

    One of my mechanic friends has had one for years. He and his wife and two kids travel all over the western USA and Canada regularly with it. If the price is right, and you don’t mind traveling in the right lane, go forit!
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