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    Newbie to the page

    Hello Larry. Check the Club page for a Club Run next weekend.
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    Club Run August 29-30, 2020

    A group of Club members will be heading out Saturday morning August 29, 2020 to run Schofield Pass to the north of Crested Butte. We will meet 8am Saturday morning at the Grand Junction 24 Road City Market (near fuel pumps) to group up and head out. Camping will be in the Schofield Park...
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    kEITH"S Garage in Grand Junction. Good guy and 100 percent trustworthy.
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    Fergytoy's 1977 FJ40 frame off resto.

    Removing the rusted panels prior to sandblasting. Burning out broken studs in the frame. Ordered up a new 4" Hell for Stout lift from CoolCruisers.
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    Fergytoy's 1977 FJ40 frame off resto.

    Some more pics of the rusted tub prior to disassembly.
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    For Sale (AZ) FJ40 Shackle reversal kit Manafre 4plus

    You still have it?
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    SW Colorado ghost town tour?

    Welcome! Probably the most popular area with the most "ghost" mining towns is in and around the San Juan Mtns of southwest Colorado. Silverton is about in the middle of this area and there are numerous towns like Ironton and Animas Forks that are easy drives to reach and fun to explore. I would...
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    Fergytoy's 1977 FJ40 frame off resto.

    Just today I received new tub quarter panels and outside exterior rocker panels. As you can see in the pics, the tub needs some rusted panel "intervention." I am waiting on the rear sill and driver's floor panel also.
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    Fergytoy's 1977 FJ40 frame off resto.

    Painted both axles with Rustoleum oil based primer and satin paint. All axle components were also taken apart, cleaned and painted. I ran a tap/die over every hole/stud to make sure all threads were good to go. Everything looks good. Ordered a new front axle seal kit with Marlin's Eco inner axle...
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    Fergytoy's 1977 FJ40 frame off resto.

    Once the frame was stripped bare, I took it to my Sandblaster who turned it around very quickly. Picked it up today and brought it home. Gonna do a shackle reversal on it. Waiting on it to be delivered so I can weld it onto the frame and then proceed with painting the frame. I also used the time...
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    Fergytoy's 1977 FJ40 frame off resto.

    The disassembly continues. Not much left till the frame is stripped bare.
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    Fergytoy's 1977 FJ40 frame off resto.

    My friend Rick has been coming over to help a lot in the disassembly and has been enjoying himself. Good to have some extra help on the project.
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    Fergytoy's 1977 FJ40 frame off resto.

    Well, I guess its time to turn some attention back to working on this FJ40. My youngest son, Brett, has been anxious to get to work on it as he will be legally driving later this year and has visions of getting this done and out on the road. I suppose I may give it to him when we are done with...
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    Club Run June 20th

    We are planning on leaving the 24 Road Starbucks in Grand Junction at 9 am for this Club Run. Please post up if your interested. A total of 3 trucks are going at this point. Thanks.
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