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    2003 Sequoia 4X4 with ~237,000 mi

    This Sequoia is like a Tundra but with 4 doors no bed. It's in Boerne Texas. It is not very shiny anymore, but it's still a V8 Toyota and has SR5. Leatherly inside. Large white dogs liked to ride in it and probably left some hair when they did. Comes with light layer of African dust (see pics)...
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    Long term platform choice for me? Would like international capability.

    Ford pick-up with a camper shell
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    Mountain Bikes - show/tell me how you lug yours around!

    Mark me as #64 for 1UpUSA
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    Linus’ - “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” -MTB build

    Nice work! So are you going with a reverse mullet: 29 up front and 27.5 in back? Why did you want to run that particular frame shock? Nice skills fabbing your own link. Did you make it to receive the regular 7902/6902 bearings the stock Nomad linkage uses or go with something more exotic (but...
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    1980s Specialized Stump Jumper Expert Needed

    Not a Specialized expert, but shimano m730 group is 1986-1993. So assuming that XT grp is original, then 1986 would be the oldest it could possibly be.
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    old mountain bike thread

    lol you win. My landcruiser gets fewer miles than that in a year. You'd smoke me in elevation gain too -- Nova Scrota doesn't have much of that. And by the way @bugsnbikes , go ride Skeggs and post up lots of pics -- banana slugs and all -- for those of us who can't
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    old mountain bike thread

    You should try riding them once in a while, rather than just polishing them! lol
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    Enduro Bearings and Yeti ...

    @tnkayaker -- I don't think you have a choice. Your SB6 uses this bearing size that as far as I can tell is proprietary Enduro: F6902-2RS-MAX 28X15X7_2.5 OUT The bearing has two other problems besides bad seals: 1) there's more play between balls and race than in standard bearings, 2) the...
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    Enduro Bearings and Yeti ...

    My experience matches everything Hambini says in the video below. Enduro bearings are creaky garbage. SKF and NTNs are awesome. FAG bearings are so good that if someone called me "faggy" I'd take it as a compliment.
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    Enduro Bearings and Yeti ...

    I'll check it. I just don't rebuild many suspensions with only 5-600 miles on them . . . But in Yeti's defense, they zipped that bearing kit to me super pronto.
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    Enduro Bearings and Yeti ...

    Every year? Srsly? Hey Yeti, how about instead you spec some decent bearings that might last more than a year, huh? Those Enduros suck. Or at least maybe an off-the shelf size? Hint: if you'd spec'd the pedfucking flange 1mm larger then it would have been a standard-sized bearing...why why why...
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    SOLVED- rear clunk every tire rotation

    No, his wheel was barely bolted onto the axle.
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    Fuel Injection -- Temporary TBI Accelerator Cable Solution

    Cool! Very similar. Of course, mine cost about 1/4 of just the shipping on that item. That fitting in the last pic is interesting, but I don't see it working on any of the linkages I've seen on the ubiquitous Rochester TBI. Also, the Ebay cable is made to use a cable bracket at the carb/TBI...
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    Fuel Injection -- Temporary TBI Accelerator Cable Solution

    I was going thru old pictures and thought I'd write this up. I converted my 1975 FJ40 to TBI fuel injection a long time ago. The '75 originally had a hard linkage to the carb, not a cable. But TBI throttle body uses a cable. I made a janky but awesome cable linkage. I intended it to be temporary...
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    Do you need a head gasket?

    Nah. If you saw oil at the rockers, you're getting oil to the places it needs to be.
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