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    Hi Jeep 4x4 Enthusiasts/ A Dad Needs Help! Please!

    4 cyl. Jeeps are not highly sought after. Most here on Craig's List go cheap.
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    What does your truck smell like?

    Like a door on a Tuna Boat....
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    Valve Cover Gasket Job

    Depending on amount of leak, you may want to get fixed. If you are smelling it, can you see wetness anywhere? Oil leaks can lead to fire if enough leaks onto hot exhaust. I would verify how bad. If to much I would fix it and not chance a fire.
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    Welcome to forum from the Minnesota Ice Box.:beer: I suppose one of the first mods you need is a Roo Bar.
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    POLL + risk of delaying spark plug replacement?

    Some people never brush their teeth.....they can still eat but that don't make it right! :hillbilly:
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    POLL + risk of delaying spark plug replacement?

    Just remember it is not generally problem with plug failing, todays Iridium spark plugs go a long time; it is more about making sure you can remove them when they do need replacing. I would rather replace early [60-90k] rather than chance stripping threads in head.
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    POLL + risk of delaying spark plug replacement?

    Only available at Baptist church, where they are converted. :grinpimp:
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    POLL + risk of delaying spark plug replacement?

    The biggest issue in my opinion is plug seizing in head due to carbon buildup on threads and not being able to easily remove it. This is same type of problem one gets from never rotating tires. Wheels get seized [corroded onto hub] and extremely difficult to remove if you ever get flat and want...
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    OEM vs Fox shocks

    I like OME's, I found with OEM's it had to much body roll in turns for my liking.
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    Newbie here - Fair price for 2000 LC?

    I would not be to concerned with that if all else looks ok. Some service departments are way over zealous on selling extras during visit. Their used to be a shop here in Twin Cities that sold every brake job new backing plates....may not hurt to ask about it but I don't think it is a big deal.
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    Newbie here - Fair price for 2000 LC?

    They are all over the board depending on condition and maintenance. As stated already 10-13 not out of line.
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    How do these cruisers do on sustained steep hwy climbs?

    I recently pulled a trailer loaded with 2 ton of rock for driveway up long steep incline with no issues at all.
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    Washer fluid frozen

    Some of the fluids sold simply don't meet the spec stated on jug, says 20 below but isn't. Saves the vendor money by selling cheap crap. You will just have to get all the old stuff out and quality new in.
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    What is leaking here?

    Considering the appears to be grease from axle boot? Get a can of brake cleaner and some rags and clean it up and see if it reappears right away. It may not be an issue, they all seem to seep some after a few years.
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    OEM Bottle Jack Trivia???

    We have now entered the TWILIGHT ZONE and gone back to 2007.....:skull:
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