In 1991, my father, Phil, asked, "Hey, what kind of car should we get after you graduate to knock around town in." I replied, "Get one of those old beater Landcruisers you see all over Colorado." Pops said, "Never heard of that." The rest is family history.

1978 FJ40
Stock motor and drivetrain
Prior owners built the toughest brush guard on the planet. I forgive them for welding it to the frame. They added a moon roof, for which I do NOT forgive them.
Also modded it for an extra gas tank as since removed by the intervening dealer.

Rusty and trusty and can't possibly get any cooler, but I keep tweaking it anyway.
Running BradPenn 20W/50.

A gun-and-done Earl Scheib drippy paint job in the early aughts for my sister's wedding photos, just because. It actually turned out ok, more creamy than tan. The coat slowed down the rust. I currently use liberal amounts of Corroseal to keep it all intact, with no desire to Bondo, fiberglass, or replace body panels just yet. Maybe someday. Fun to drive and looks tough, but friendly. If it gets dinged up a bit, and I notice, so mote it be.

I smile inwardly each time I pass a Jeep.
March 30
Des Moines, Iowa
Executive Recruiter
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