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    BJ73 radiator part number

    Thanks Larry. I will hit you up. We move down in January. The BJ is currently stored in a friends garage in Rome on a Battery Tender. As soon as I get it in the garagemajal I will check with you. We have a decent old school shop in Rome so I will check with them as well. Rome Radiator (very...
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    BJ73 radiator part number

    They look absolutely identical. Close examination reveals that they are likely even the same photo. Just curious if anyone has used one. I get nervous dropping a couple C-notes on Chinese car parts when they are something that the car depends on to operate. And then there was the question about...
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    New to the forum, trying to message forum member ONUR.

    You mean unlike a large Asian island? Having USPS through the embassy was a godsend. But most things took about 10 days. Fast by the standards set two decades ago for even CONUS mail.
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    Sea to Shining Sea

    There is a Netflix about the last record. Pretty fun. ...Even without the sodomy.
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    New to the forum, trying to message forum member ONUR.

    We expect everything for free and we want it to arrive tomorrow.
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    BJ73 radiator part number

    I am going to have to replace my 1988 BJ73 radiator and found these two options. Both appear identical (except the price). One Ebay and one Amazon. I noticed niether appear to have a petcock or any kind of drain. Anyone have any experience with these? There was one positive review on the...
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    Magnetic tow lights

    Thread revival. Is there a newer version of the 24V Logic Circuit adapter anyone has found. I am going to wire my M416 with a simple 4 pin with LEDs and I have not been able to locate a 24v brake/turn adapter. EDIT: I guess I was not looking hard enough...
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    Shark found in KS field

    So was Lincoln Vampire Hunter.
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    AOP Trail Ride Dec. 7

    Aww schizzle! 4 hour drive to sit on the fat man's spacious lap? Sounds like a party!
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    Surgery day tomorrow

    Why accept them? Tell them you don't want them or won't take them or want an alternative. Over prescription is a huge problem in this country. Everyone who sees a doc seems to expect a pill for every damn thing. Now docs think that they HAVE to prescribe something or their patients will...
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    Why do you go camping?

    When I was a kid we camped because it was so much cheaper than hotel rooms for a family of 6 on an Army Captain's salary. But my parents both enjoyed the outdoors. I was also in the Army so "camping" had a different meaning. Now I do not go as much as I would like. I do not have much time to...
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    Benjamin’s 3D Prints Build

    Got my stuff today. Look like solid pieces. Not sure I will be able to get them installed very quickly but they sure look good.
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    200 Series and Tundra wheels on 100 series photo thread

    That's quite a load
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