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    DIY home security system - recommendation please!

    For cameras I have some Arlos. Run away. Customer service is terrible and the cameras and other accessories are not very resilient.
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    Projecting, tinkering, fiddle-farting around: whatcha building?

    I have posted before about stuff I like to do with pallets and other reclaimed stuff. Here is the latest. I am building a shelf to hold a reciever in the mancave. The metal is all very old rusty fence posts from my property and the wood all scrap from various projects. The top and bottom shelf...
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    A journey with my boys- The Elf Barn as I call it.

    I just found this thread yesterday. What a fantastic diary. Subscribed.
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    my 30x50 man cave build

    I have been shopping around and had not looked at Great Western. I see they are a national company and not just out west. I will have to check them out.
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    Spindle bolt torque spec please?

    Most of those are neutral safeties and one is negative. (From the old helicopter crew chief in me ;) )
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    Stlca chit-chat

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    Stlca chit-chat

    There is a magazine article about it. ;)
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    Spindle bolt torque spec please?

    I find it interesting that differnet years and different versions of the manual do occassionally list different torques (or none at all) for the same applications. I put together that long thread from a couple different versions of bith Toyota and non Toyota manuals and have seen that earlier or...
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    Spindle bolt torque spec please?

    FWIW Haynes from '69 up Axle Hub/Axle Outer Shaft Flange 22.8 f/lb Max Ellery says 23f/lb i do not think I ran across it in the FSM I used in the Torque Specs thread. @fjc-man - which FSM was that?
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    Wisdom/Folly. 1973/75/76 Mashup

    I built a frankencruiser from spare parts. Fetched a pretty penny at Mecum. The Gazoo.
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    Early Steel Door Paddle Handles

    I rebuilt mine. Worked a charm. Cost me a couple dollars in spray paint, some bolts, shrink wrap for the plastic handles and some elbow grease. Blasted and sprayed with the Hammerite Rustoleum that looks very close to the silver metallic Toyota used for the pocket, seat backs, etc. I bet the...
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    3D printed door hinge seals

    Maybe BenCC could tackle that although he is just making 100 parts now seems like he has the design process dialed in. I would add that it would seems something flexible would work better.
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    Pics of Green FJ40s - The BEST color. - show us what you have!!

    The current project named ToolShed. It was green once.
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    Hot off the presses! 3/16" thick rear fender protection panels

    Already have 35 12.5 15s for it. I did not want to ru adapters or spacers and when I found the brand new tires for cheap I pounced. I ran them on the Mule and like the size on 8 inch rims. I will check.out Alcan. I had not considered that. I could get extended shackles from MAF or whatever.
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    Benjamin’s 3D Prints Build

    That Make 34 is super trick. I already have the Make 2 installed so probably won't do it but given the frequency of use between phone and those two switches, this is a brilliant idea.
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