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    Builds 1991 FJ75 moving to America

    So in the "what did you do to your 70" thread I showed a picture of my can-o-worms... That was midway through my effort to replace my left-hand fender and front grille. The fender had been in a minor accident in the past and repaired with some dodgy welding and bondo... But in taking...
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    Oem snorkel install.

    Like so... Ignore the red "x" marks, those are the former emblem holes I'm going to weld shut. I went ahead and did the whole rivnut/nutsert thing for mine as well.
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    1988 BJ74 “Number 1”

    Wow... the inside of your fuel tank has come a long way. Huge improvement.
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    Builds PZJ70 build-refurbish!?

    Man... what is it about freshly rebuild front hubs? New rotor, clean caliper, fresh hardware... ugh! Looks sexy man. Just wrapped up reading the whole thread. Some very cool work done on this truck. Looking forward to seeing it wrapped up. I've picked up a lot of good ideas on interior...
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    77 FJ40 - Slow & Steady Rebuild

    Shaping up beautifully!
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    Builds Here we go again! 64 FJ40 Frame off Restomod

    This is looking just incredible! I'd love to hear what you come up with on the bubbling of the paint... just from a technical perspective I'm curious.
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    What did you do on your 70 series today?

    This picture man... just sexy.
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    What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Ugh... I love photos of rebuilt parts like this. Has it's own beauty.
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    What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Sprang open a can of worms... Have figured out that the front drivers-side fender has been in a fender bender, and corrected with some bondo and bad welding. Rooting out the problem pieces and replacing them...
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    Builds 1991 FJ75 moving to America

    My oldest boy and I made a trek to Sharjah in the UAE for some part pickin'. On that trip we got the tires done. After the tire installation we stopped for some pizza... his favorite. We had earlier snagged some treasure. Shown is a Toyota Hiace bench seat as well as the old set of...
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    Found at Caffeine & Octane Atlanta

    You can't renew paperwork in Dubai without having it inspected... this guy is just seems to be playing some risky games.
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    Builds 1991 FJ75 moving to America

    So as much as I like the look of the 16" split steelies on this truck I wanted to go with a more conventional solid wheel approach on this truck. I'd recently come across a source for 17x6.5" steelies from Toyota Prados. They export a lot of Toyotas out of the UAE to Africa and Russia and...
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    Oem snorkel install.

    My metal plate has a bead of black sealant material already applied with some paper over it keeping it from sticking to anything... you added to that with silicone?
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    Challenge Accepted: Project #FarmForty

    This is awesome... saw the pics on Instagram and love that there's a build thread too.
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    What did you do on your 70 series today?

    I think your quest for filling the gaps in your model numbers is noble and good. Do it.
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