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    Emissions for a 40

    Will likely go classic insurance on the 40 as I want it insured for $35K anyway... a mileage restriction won’t bother me. It’s a 3-speed after all. But may get the Troopy tested just to see...
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    Emissions for a 40

    I’ll be joining Copper State... so hope to join ya’ll on some rides. Gonna work hard to get the Troopy ready for SAS3.
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    Emissions for a 40

    Does it pass inspection?
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    Emissions for a 40

    @DSRTRDR, my 40 is a GCC spec, lacking even a charcoal canister. And obviously no catalytic converter. Do they have a lower standard for older cars? I guess I’m willing to try... My FJ75 has a evaporative recirculating system on it... so perhaps could pass. But again, no catalytic converter...
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    cult45's 45 recovery and remobilisation

    The way you painted those gauge bezels turned out pretty nice actually. Yeah... your seat needs help.
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    Emissions for a 40

    So I've moved to Phoenix now... living with my sister-in-law's family now. My 1977 FJ40 and 1991 FJ75 Troopy will be here mid-May I believe. The links above no longer say anything about classic car exemption. Does anyone know if this still works? Does it have to be Hagerty? I've always used...
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    Builds Build #2 - Applying Lessons Learned

    The ingenious fabbing is hurting my head... LOVE IT!
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    Builds Abu Dhabi 80 Series: Build Thread

    7.5 years of ownership... 180,000 kilometers of driving... my first Land Cruiser... so many memories... priceless. My family's time in the UAE is drawing to a close. I've not given this thread as much attention as my 40-series thread... but the 80 has seen far more action here and has made far...
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    Kaymar 76 Series Workmate fitment for 77 Series

    Yes! Uh-oh...
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    British BJ40LV-KC long term rebuild

    Looks cool. Should be a great project... already cleaning things up. Get her running and stopping as you say... it'll whet your appetite for more. And oh yeah... your bezel is upside down. Welcome to MUD! :flipoff2:
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    Kaymar 76 Series Workmate fitment for 77 Series

    I just redid my entire rear bumper using OEM parts and was not impressed with the "c-channels dressed with aluminum and plastic" nature of it. It looks sharp now but it sure is a lot of parts. Love how this came out for you. Very sharp looking. Bookmarking this as another option for eventual...
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    Builds Portland Troopy Build

    Nylon inserts are 90189-06134.
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    Builds 1991 FJ75 moving to America

    Along with the "new" radiator support and LH fender I was looking for a front valance as well as a cowl piece... both of mines had some dents and warping. In the yards everything I found tended to also be warped, bent, or dented. To heck with it, I ordered new... This truck had clearly...
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    Gave my guage cluster the spa treatment

    Whoa... what a difference. This is changing my mind about going to the EL wire... it looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing numbers.
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    Builds My build thread

    Take some close-ups of the wheels... there are some look-alikes that they use in Japan.
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