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    For Sale hj60

    Price is Right Rules... $501 :rofl:
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    For Sale Portland, OR 1989 TLC FJ62

    More pics?
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    How to build a diesel 40 on a budget w/ an Isuzu 4BD1T

    commenting to be able to find at a later date...
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    Builds Diesel Conversion to Isuzu 4BD1T

    Truly amazing
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    Parting Out 2001 Land Cruiser 100 Series - Denver, CO

    air cleaner housing?
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    Parting Out 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

    air cleaner housing?
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    SOLD Gossamer:1987 fj60 4bt h55 in MD **SOLD

    How about a clean 1st gen Tundra?
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    H55F Problem

    Looks great!
  9. How to add photo

    How to add photo

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    Interested shipping to 74074 Stillwater, OK
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    Same here, been kicking myself ever since!
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    For Sale OKLA: 97 LX 450 Locked Built

    Man this is like my dream 80 series! Would you be interested in a 1st gen double cab Tundra?
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    For Sale ARB DELUXE BAR LC 100 SERIES 2003-07 (3413190), FRAME MOUNTS ONLY

    That's great, I couldn't tell the grill was in 2 pieces. Do you have an pics of the mounts your welder fabbed up? I'm still holding out hope that I'll find one used somewhere.
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    For Sale ARB DELUXE BAR LC 100 SERIES 2003-07 (3413190), FRAME MOUNTS ONLY

    Do you have any more information on how you mounted the bull bar on your tundra? I have the same truck and have been looking at doing this. If I can ever find a deal on one that is...
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    Bilstein 5100 and 285 bfg

    No, the shocks will give you enough vertical lift for the 285's but you might need wheel spacers so the tires don't rub because they are larger. You might be ok without, but most put 1.25 to 1.5 inch wheel spacers to make sure they can turn their steering wheel alll the way without the tires...
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