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    Registry Post Pics Of Your Modded 7x Series

    Wow, blast from the past. That was so long ago I don't recall if I started it that day or waited till the roads cleared, but it was my daily driver. It has been my daily driver for many years (though it has taken a year off here and there, especially when I had an MK2 Jetta) and will be again...
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    September Monthly Meeting at EBI 8PM, Sep 8!

    Hope you’re feeling better Bill. gb
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    92 HDJ81 radiator-where to get?

    A buddy of mine ordered 16400-17060 from @Japan4X4 just a couple years back. Too bad if now no longer available, though there are work arounds as discussed above. hth's gb
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    80 Series Toyota Oil Filter Options

    A Union Japan filter is cut open in this thread. hth's gb
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    Dud battery, or just not enough sunlight?

    In addition to what's mentioned above a battery hydrometer tester will let you check each cell. hth's gb
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    Worn engine treatment and other additives for old engines

    From my reading over the years diesel fuel in North America is some of the worst. Texas and California have the best requirements for cetane. Canada has a federal mandate of minimum cetane level of 40. What is cetane? Canada also has a renewable content requirement, which would look after...
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    1HDFT low oil pressure - Main bearings

    This winter I hope to update this thread linking in additional BEB threads and photos from this section Official 1HD-T 1HD-FT 1HD-FTE and 1HZ BEB thread - hth’s gb
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    Worn engine treatment and other additives for old engines

    Discovered Hot Shot through Project Farm (he did a winter anti-gel video). Have not used any of their products other then Extreme and EDT. What application are you using the stiction Eliminator in? gb
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    Worn engine treatment and other additives for old engines

    Project Farm video using Engine Restorer. There is also a one year follow up. hth’s gb
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    Flexible solar panel mounting

    Not fully related to this discussion (unless the OP is using a Victron) but as a data point for controllers shutting down as its mentioned in the post above...I've had my Victron 75/15 shut down a number of times in hot weather in my BJ74. Took me by surprise on a hot summers day when I checked...
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    Secondary fuel filters and lift pumps

    Long thread on pusher pumps. This thread is a 13BT into a 60 series but in post #84 he talks restrictions and he used a pusher pump to solve. hth's gb
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    Anyone in the Seattle area recommended for PPI?

    @torfab is just north of Seattle: Torfab » The NW destination for Land Cruisers parts and service, including complete one-off custom built Cruisers, maintenance, suspension, and expedition builds - as an option to contact and see. hth's gb
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    Cruiser Days! 2022 HOUGEN PARK Abbotsford August 6!

    Thanks for all your work @AJAEbj42 in making this happen again. Back yesterday from the loop with Squamish crew. Was a great time. Been years for me to to the complete loop via Mud Lakes...though if memory serves it was so long ago one or two times the loop was via Windy Ridge. gb
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    Cruiser Days! 2022 HOUGEN PARK Abbotsford August 6!

    Any camping location been chatted about or confirmed on other platforms after Cruiser Days or is the assumption it will be Chehalis per usual @AJAEbj42? @bladedog China Head loops sounds good. gb
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