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    94 Died on freeway, no start, no spark

    Could be fusible link, old malfunctioning alarm, etc. Mine did something identical once and I found that I had no power to the ecu fuse. Just ran a jumper to it until my fusible link arrived. In the meantime I ripped out the alarm. Replaced the fusible link and then all was good. Are you sure...
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    Spotted Silver vx 80 in Odessa Texas

    Spotted a very nice vx 80 in odessa today. is it anyone's on here? I didn't take a picture because that's how people get shot out here
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    Replacing the charcoal canister didn't work...

    Replace all of this, that's how I fixed mine. Depending on the year model yours may have less check valves and vsv. All of this plays a role in the emissions
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    what are these connectors for??

    The engine wiring harness runs through that black plastic piece. Looks like the harness was taped in place to help secure it in that holder
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    Need new shoes on my 80 series...which of these two?

    Grabber. Had mine for 2 years and love them. Better than the bfg km2s I had before. Get the red label
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    Did I overpay for my 80?

    You will love it.
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    1FZ Desmog
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    1FZ Desmog

    Egr delete on a 94 is easy. Hardest part is removing the pipe from the back of the head and applying the block off plate. It's as annoying as changing the phh. There is a good write up on here. I'll see if I can find it
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    Question About Installing Rear Lunchbox Locker

    Had mine for years with zero issues. Dont notice it other than a clicking when turning on pavement. It's made a huge difference in traction.
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    Question About Installing Rear Lunchbox Locker

    You will need gaskets for the axle flanges as they will tear win you slide out the axles.
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    New 80 owner, idle stumble

    Are you running the 94 ecu. If so the egr doesn't need a resistor to delete. Just jump the wires at the plug. Or you can clip the plug off and wire the 2 wires together.
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    Another late thought about the Throttle coolant bypass

    Pretty easy to get at if you remove the throttle body. I thought about deleting mine and actually did as a temp fix but it's just as easy to fix the right way.
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    About 50 Gs eh? 2020 Taco Pro...

    Does the hood wobble? Not that I have seen. The truck is amazing. I have zero complaints. I traded my 2013 cement trail teams FJ for it and couldn't be happier. Great mileage, good power, comfortable and feels solid.
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    About 50 Gs eh? 2020 Taco Pro...

    The 2020 has better mapping. mine rarely downshifts. Honestly I love it. The OR is the best deal in my opinion.
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