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    Builds The '93 Troopy Hodgepodge

    Calvary Blue. White top. Special car, special color. Or put me down for 6H9 green.
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    Information Re: Importing to the USA and Complete DIY How-To

    You could import it into Canada and store it there (Canada only requires imports be 15 years old). I did this with my HDJ80 while I waited for it to turn 25. Once it was old enough, I brought it across the border.
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    Tenerife to Texas: a 1997 HDJ80 Tale

    Just found this thread. Subscribed for sure. I too have a white 1997 HDJ80 from Europe that I had to store and wait a long time to import, but that's another story. You're going to love this thing!
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    For Sale Most Recent 80 Series Prices

    This is a good feature. Easy to see that (usually) it's the rarest, or most original, or best modified cars that fetch the very highest prices, which is to be expected. The ordinary cars seem to (usually) get ordinary prices, again, as would be expected. The worth of a thing is equal to what...
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    Information Re: Importing to the USA and Complete DIY How-To

    Regarding whether the chicken tax is due on import, the law doesn't make any distinction between new and used trucks, so technically, yes, you're supposed to pay it. That said, the tax is levied based on the HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) code assigned to the vehicle on the entry form...
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    WDYD What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Drove it to work. Dumb idea, really, as I spent most of the day staring out the window at it and didn't get much work done. lol...
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    Information Re: Importing to the USA and Complete DIY How-To

    Up to you. I don't think you'll need to unless you want to. It would need to be someone you feel you can trust a lot. If the car is registered in someone else's name, it's legally their car to do with what they please. If they drive it, and especially if they wreck it, you could have some...
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    Information Re: Importing to the USA and Complete DIY How-To

    I don't know who's telling you it's easy, but have any of the "That's easy! No worries" people you've talked to actually imported gray market vehicles to Wisconsin? If so, they should be a valuable resource and in your place I'd want to buy them a beer and ask them how they did it. If an...
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    Information Re: Importing to the USA and Complete DIY How-To

    For those not inclined to read it, the Wisconsin DMV website linked, among other things, says this: "The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows for vehicles to be imported into the country once the vehicle has reached a...
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    SOLD Colorado: set of 4 16 x 7 white spoke steel wheels

    Came on my HZJ75 pickup but I've bought new wheels/tires for that truck and no longer need these. Generic 16 x 7 steel white spoke wheels as pictured. Zero offset, so 4" backspacing. Fit on my 70-series without spacers and didn't seem to rub anywhere. Should fit any Landcruiser, Tacoma, or...
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    SOLD North Carolina: 1993 KZJ78 Prado

    @akgerman and @theglobb I can vouch for both of these guys. It'd be sweet to see them make a deal.
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    Wanted ‘95-‘97 HDJ81 1HDFT 5-Speed

    I've imported four like that. One in my driveway. Just sold another one. More are available in Europe all the time. What's your budget? You looking for a beauty or a beater? I'm not importing for other people any more, but I could walk you through it if you want to do it yourself.
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    Sweet 1997 HZJ75 Pickup from France

    Also today, I got a pair of new batteries. It was around 20F (-7C) this morning, and the batteries that had gone dead on the ship (see posts above) were not happy at all. Everything was fine and dandy with the old batteries as long as the weather was warm, but they kind of sh*t the bed the...
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    Sweet 1997 HZJ75 Pickup from France

    Big spa day for the pickup today. Finally got the new wheels and tires mounted. 5x brand new OEM Toyota 42601-60262-03 wheels and 5x new 235/85R16 Toyo A/T tires. Old wheels were generic white spokes, 16 x 7, zero offset, with old BFG 255/70R16 A/T's on them. Wheels were the wrong shade of...
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    Sweet 1997 HZJ75 Pickup from France

    Thanks! Unfortunately, Toyota didn't sell a lot of pickups in Europe 25 years ago, so it's hard to find them now. Most are too beat or badly modified (or both) to be interesting (to me anyway). There are lots of them in the Middle East, but same the time they get to be 25 years...
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