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    SEM Trim Black Paint for Sliders?

    I used rattle-can ceramic engine paint. Ridiculously hard to damage, lays down smooth, easy to touch up.
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    Bolts in my rotor? WTF?

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    Overheat....UPDATED...file claimed with TUSA.

    System is pressurized, so boiling point is higher than the 212 degree boiling point of straight water. 260 is hot, and definitely the big red warning to pull over. But you didn't hurt it.
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    Can anyone identify this plug?

    Correct, they don't.
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    Stock ground clearance

    Ground clearance is to the lowest point, which is the diff. The only thing that changes it is bigger tires. Your measurement is spot on correct for your new tires.
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    How special is my wood?

    Not solid wood, just an applique like everyone else had. Yours might have been a bit better than the usual plastic stuff, but it's still basically a big sticker.
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    GSMTR 2020

    Anyone from Florida hitting GSMTR in June?
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    OEM shock WTF

    Shocks don't hold weight, they just dampen suspension movement. Springs and torsion bars hold weight. Shocks are fine.
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    Buying/Selling/Trading thread

    Those won't go on a 100, wrong bolt pattern.
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    Seat heaters not working after leather cover replacement

    Same.. Plus I live in Florida. Every day is a seat heater. ;)
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    Seat heaters not working after leather cover replacement

    Get a multimeter and test for continuity across the plugs. Check the FSM for values. Probably broke some wires.
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    How to test rims for out of round

    "Normally".. My 2000 had a wheel replaced, I'd guess about 2014 from the date on the one tire that was different from the other three tires on the truck when I got it. The damage they did hitting whatever took out the tie rod end on that side and damaged the steering rack. It'd shake pretty...
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    How to test rims for out of round

    LC wheels are not cast, if I remember right. They normally don't get bent. Suspension bits will likely bend first if you hit something hard enough to bend a rim. Loose wheel bearing and/or worn tie rod end is my bet. Both will cause that.
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    How bad is this rust?

    Well, the good news is that the oil leaks have kept the area under the engine relatively rust free. That is the only thing good about it.
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    LX470 replacement rear end housing?

    I doubt the rear end is the issue if everything works well. Photos?
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