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    Body lift?

    Question - I have frame-mounted WKOR sliders. I don't necessarily want to yank them off if I don't have to to get to the pinch welds to lift the body up when I put in my lift pucks. Once the body is unbolted on one side, are there any spots anyone has found on the unibody (that aren't the...
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    Huracan Fabrication Tailgate Storage Group Buy - 60, 80, 100 Series

    Jason is pretty darn proud of the hardware he uses in his. He was telling me about how much the cost of bits were before I was dumb and bought this one. I'd expect no issues if I bought the TT setup.
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    Huracan Fabrication Tailgate Storage Group Buy - 60, 80, 100 Series

    I do not carry or keep chemicals in my truck. I do not tow a boat, so there is never salt water. This is basically daily driving, and why you should NOT buy one of these, besides the crappy latches. Bolts corroding like this in a year and a half is NOT acceptable.
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    SOLD Incredible 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser with extremely low miles

    Changing miles on a 2000 100 is simple. Remove the instrument cluster, swap in one with lower miles from a wreck, drive down the road. The miles are ONLY kept in the odometer, there is nothing to 'roll back'.
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    Why I don't see many lc100 on the road?

    Winter Park Florida. Ritzy part of Orlando. Every time I drive through there I see one or two 100s (saw 5 one day!) and some 200s
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    100 Series performance upgrades available

    Porting does not do much on 2UZs. Cams do, but you need to blow a lot of boost in to get there. You are going to spend 10k-15k+ to get that power with a shop doing the work when all is said and done. For that money, just sell the 100 and buy a 200 if you want a Land Cruiser with more power.
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    100 Series are Expensive - Discuss!

    Since I baselined mine (and did WAY more than needed, but pretty much there is almost nothing left to do) my Cruiser has only cost me about $100-200 maintenance this whole year so far.
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    Bypass oil filtration on the 2UZ

    2UZs pretty much don't get oil related failures. You'll get better return from your money getting the cooling system in good shape.
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    front sway bar options

    There is a tab for one end of the bracket, and the other end bolts to the frame. Actually, bolt goes though frame into nut tack-welded to top of frame, mentioned in my post.. If the tab is not rusted out and you can use it, yes, bolt the new bracket on.
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    front sway bar options

    Since it's almost guaranteed you will snap the bolt holding the frame-mounted bracket on, what I suggest is to get a new bracket from Toyota, go ahead and let the bolt snap when you wrench on it. You might get lucky (you won't!). The nut on the top of the frame for that bolt is tack-welded on...
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    Suspicious Low Mile 100 Series

    Pre-facelift 100s only keep the odo miles in the cluster, nowhere else. Swap in a low-mileage cluster from a wreck, then scam away. Way too easy, unfortunately. Don't know about later 100s, only experience is early ones.
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    Huracan Fabrication Tailgate Storage Group Buy - 60, 80, 100 Series

    On mine, the bolts have all corroded and look like crap, for no reason I can tell. The latches have gotten loose. It rattles. Given the choice, I would not buy it again, there are better made options out there.
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    Parting Out Florida -2000 UZJ100 w/ broken timing belt

    Contacted, no reply. Guess he doesn't want to sell or part it after all.
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