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    Audio upgrade for the 21st century

    I went with a pioneer nex4400, feeding sound stream nano 5 channel amp powering 2 sets of image dynamics compenejng speakers and a pioneer 10” slim sub behind my fridge...
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    Lx 450 wheel accent paint?

    Same as this
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    80 Series bumpers list in a spreadsheet

    Damn good looking rig on that Dobinsons v2 bumper page...oh wait, that’s mine 🤣
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    Builds Yet another New LC Owner

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    Builds Yet another New LC Owner

    No sir...central Florida...
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    Builds Yet another New LC Owner

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    long time listener first time caller.

    Welcome from East of the Rockies!
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    Builds Yet another New LC Owner

    Minor update... added a delta panhard bracket to the rear and also installed icon 2.5 remote reservoir shocks from their stage 3 kit. interior wise I added a pioneer nex4400 touch screen head unit with CarPlay and all the other bells and whistles. on the lift gate I added some of those cheap 12v...
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    Quistion to T-Max Dual battery system users

    I have had the max for several years...bonus points because it can be ordered from autozone/discount auto parts. It’s pretty’s rare I have ever had to use the link uses a ford type solenoid... Simple to install...
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    Sub tank questions

    That would be great... As an aside I just installed your Panhard bracket 5 minutes ago in my truck...😎
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    Sub tank questions

    Bought a sub tank,switch, overhead console, Georges ecu,dual filler neck and a Holley pump from a mud member several months ago. The tank arrived stripped down with plugs closing up the 3 holes... Now I understand one is for the pick up and vent return, the other home is for the level sender...
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    Toughbook with topo USA
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    Wanted  Fzj 80 aux fuel tank and parts

    money waiting for a factory aux tank dual filler etc...let me know what you have and name your price
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    Builds Yet another New LC Owner

    Thanks... Only thing left to replace is the throttle cable
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    Builds Yet another New LC Owner

    No...the yellow just isn’t anonymous enough...I May plan on giving the truck a vinyl wrap though...
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