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    battery tray bingo

    60011 will fit group 24 and group 34 but you will need a spacer with the agm 34 battery.
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    battery tray bingo

    I believe the 60011 (10-3/4" length) is for early and 60050 (12-1/4" length) is for later yrs.
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    Correct PCV Valve Hose Material

    Looks good, I'm using ethanol safe fuel hose
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    Fj40 Head Bolts.

    try Marks offroad (@65swb45) or Yoda1Performance in Riverbank, CA
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    73 40 1f engine oil line placement

    #2 and #3 on my block. #1 is just a threaded hole with no oil flow/passage 1958-9/73 FJ40, FJ45, FJ55, Oil Lines, Sending Unit and Regulator -
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    Newbie soft top question, who’s still in business?

    Buy once, cry once. I can attest to the quality of Dirt Road Tops (@Julie2006) quality.
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    F engine harmonic balancer

    I think this is what you are asking.....Yes, as long as you are replacing a press-on HB with a press-on HB and a bolt-on with a bolt-on HB. You can replace the single groove HB with a double groove HB but then you have to get a fan spacer too from someone like Mark (@65swb45) otherwise the fan...
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    FJ40 Lift Gate Strut Replacements

    both and CityRacer have a kit, but a quick search below may help with part numbers for a lot less $$ Also check with Mark('s Offroad) @65swb45 Rear Hatch / Lift Gate Gas Struts for Land Cruiser FJ40 - LH and RH -...
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    FJ40 Roll Bar t pads

    check with @65swb45 (Mark's Offroad). I believe he just sent a set out to another member
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    Newbie soft top question, who’s still in business?

    She should reply in a day or two, I included her in the conversation (@Julie2006). She is super busy but was able to knock out a Trail cover for me in less than a month. She can be found on FB. Her bread and butter business is boat stuff (Anchor Stitch of Easley, SC #864-307-9650)
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    Newbie soft top question, who’s still in business?

    I second Dirt Roads, (@Julie2006) is still making tops. There's no way around wait times though for most vendors.
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    Need dimension I cannot find

    Since it's c-channel. I measured 2" OD wide x 3 3/4" tall. Hope that helps, cuz I don't understand the second question but I think this is what you are asking as your are purchasing steel.
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    1969 FJ40 Father / Son Build

    what's left of the plug for underhood/service light
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    SOLD WTS: j40-front license plate bracket in NorCal-buyer never showed

    Bump, was more than reasonable holding but buyer never showed
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