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    Wanted  1st gen tacoma double cab bed and pass fender

    I'm looking for a 1st gen tacoma double cab bed (5 foot bed) and passenger fender. It would be great if it was lunar mist (metallic silver), but I can always respray if need be. Any leads are appreciated. Thanks.
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    Trade North Carolina: 1975 FJ40 for 4WD Tacoma

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    Trade North Carolina: 1975 FJ40 for 4WD Tacoma

    FJ40 Running
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    Trade  North Carolina: 1975 FJ40 for 4WD Tacoma

    1975 FJ40 for trade for a 4WD Tacoma. This has been my daily driver for the last few years. It has a Chevy 327 V8 with new 4 barrel Quadrajet, ramshorn headers, two into one crossover exhaust. Saginaw power steering, front disc brake conversion, tuffy console, new seats, and Troll Hole soft-top...
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    Fj40 Stretch

    Spent some time making adjustments to the doors but I need to rebuild the hinges with new bushings before I keep going. The back door needs to come up a bit and the front of the front door needs to come down a bit. Having four doors complicates things. I keep telling myself it will be cool when...
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    Fj40 Stretch

    I finally got around to working on the passenger door lower corners. I think I got the angle right to match the wheel well angle. I’ll still have to round the lower left corner a bit, but it’s all tacked together. I also took off the right side running board and patched a rotten section there...
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    For Sale North Carolina: FJ40 round and square bezel bib/grill

    Sorry I just sold the green one; still have the white one though.
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    Fj40 Stretch

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    Wanted  North Carolina: FJ40 door upper window frame sections

    I’m looking for upper later model door window frame sections for a FJ40 stretch project. Any condition welcome.
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    Wanted  North Carolina: FJ40 rain gutter sections

    I’m looking for sections of rain gutter from a FJ40 hardtop. I just need a few sections for my FJ40 stretch project. I can piece together if need be.
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    Fj40 Stretch

    I’ve been making some rain gutter sections from scratch. Probably would have been easier to buy some scrap section but couldn’t find any locally. I also fanned some lower panels beneath the rear doors.
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    Fj40 Stretch

    I cut the rear passenger door doors and tacked them back together. A stock door is around 34” wide CD and I think the final width on my rear doors will be right around 30.125”. I’ll have to figure out the diagonal cut on the lower corners. It starts to feel real with the big gap closed up with a...
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    Fj40 Stretch

    I picked up a 1uz for the build a few weeks ago, it came with an auto trans. The engine will need a new seal but I think it should work well for me. I tore into it to check the condition and all seems well. I’ll have to see if I can find s t-100 transfercase adapter if I decide to use the trans...
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