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    Fj60 Solutions

    Cool. I'm happy to send you a diff lock switch, or front you the purchase price of one. I'll PM you. Re indicator - your last sentence is exactly what I was thinking. But, I might be the only weirdo who wants the 80 series diff lock switch with indicators in that space...
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    Fj60 Solutions

    Hey Chase - Great work on these. Two thoughts come to mind, but of course feel free to disregard. I would buy both, and am happy to send you my removed seatbelt light panel for #2 below if that would be helpful. #1 - Re: Fj62 HVAC panel - Is it possible to do a cutout for the 80 series...
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    FJ60 & FJ62 Front Speaker Adapters and Spacer

    The grills that came with the speakers would have worked. I wasn't sure when I ordered everything, so got the amazon grills at the same time. When I was buttoning everything up I tried both, and liked the look of the amazon grills more, so went with those. Definitely not necessary. Thanks for...
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    Idiot YouTuber GX460 Onboard Air Install

    Great video. Nice work.
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    FJ60 & FJ62 Front Speaker Adapters and Spacer

    Good to hear. I put the coaxial version of the same speakers in the cargo panels at the same time, and I've been pretty happy with everything so far. I put the amp under the drivers seat, and have a Kenwood powered sub under the passenger seat. Still struggling with some engine whine coming...
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    FJ60 & FJ62 Front Speaker Adapters and Spacer

    I did 6.5" components in mine. No cutting required. I used these speakers, with spacers, and grills. More pics in the door card thread starting on post #209 on page 11.
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    Heating BMW seats (using BMW parts)

    Sounds about normal. I just tested mine for reference. After a 15 minute drive with my seat heater set to the highest setting, I was getting high 80s on the surface. It felt pretty comparable to the highest setting in my other vehicle. Hope this helps.
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    1988 FJ62 LED Interior Bulb Swap Chart (2020 Edition)

    @Spook50 Re: climate control lighting... I've got some red lighting gel leftover from when I did mine. I started to try scraping the green out, but found that with a red bulb and the gel, it comes through pretty red with the green still in there (I switched to red interior lighting as well). I...
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    FJ60 LED Light Bulb List (Interior and Exterior)

    +1 on this. Exactly the same for me. Went back to high beam and 4wd incandescent right after my first night drive. Skip them.
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    Led Stop/Tail lamps flashing issue

    That'll happen. I'll let you know if I make any progress. Cheers.
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    Led Stop/Tail lamps flashing issue

    @aviafx did you ever get this worked out? I have the same issue while utilizing LED's for my brake, tail, and blinkers so would be curious if you made any progress. Cheers
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    Swapping fj62 vacuum 4wd to manual linkage?

    Here is my list of noted links. Might save you some searching. Cheers. split case twin-stick kits!!!!! Split Case Rebuild Vacuum to Manual t-case conversion YWST: Vacuum T-Case to Manual Shift Conversion Kit The Wagon Way Wanted - Non-vacuum Split Transfer Case Linkage Advanced...
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    SOLD Socal - 62 Door Cards and B-Pillar Covers - Grey

    B-pillars are sold @ToyotaMatt PM sent
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    SOLD Socal - 62 Door Cards and B-Pillar Covers - Grey

    Bump and price drop - B-pillar covers are free if someone wants to pay shipping. If no one wants them, they're going in the trash tomorrow. Door cards price drop to $50.
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    SOLD Socal - Trail Gear 1.5" Wheel Spacers (2)

    Bump and price drop to $50. These are now located in Los Angeles (90094).
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