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    Tyre wear adjusting rear axel

    What figure are you looking to adjust? I don't see any issue with the alignment of the rear axle, less than a degree of difference side to side seems inconsequential to me but I'm not an alignment expert.
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    Ever seen a factory PTO on a 80? Pictures

    How do you think it would be possible for a PTO driven off the transfer case to work with the transmission in neutral?
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    different take on the trans mount and skid plate

    I think the LC market could take some cues from what they have available.
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    different take on the trans mount and skid plate

    I agree, it's also a very common off-the-shelf armour option for Jeeps that see a lot of rocks.
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    different take on the trans mount and skid plate

    Zinc doesn't hold up in anything other than dry climates FWIW. I've had great luck with black Endura semi-gloss, holds up much better than powdercoat or anything else I've used. I painted the bumpers of my Jeep with it over 10 years ago and they look brand new, can't say the same for the...
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    Broken VSV? Don't replace it, just add another!

    Why no hydroboost
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    R2.8 Cummins perspective from Diesel Toys in San Antonio

    They're very different motors. 4bt is a fully mechanical diesel, the R2.8 is commonrail making it a lot more complex and therefore more expensive.
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    3 Link vs. Superflex?

    I can see the appeal of wanting to build the most capable truck possible on 35" tires and I think a 3-link is part of that equation. If done properly you aren't losing anything over radius arms.
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    I’ve got a 24volt Warn winch off an old Utility Truck...

    Sell it and buy a 12 volt winch.
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    Headlights- post up your pictures

    Yep, they're JW Speaker LED projectors. So far I'm impressed.
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    Headlights- post up your pictures

    Coming soon (ish)
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    Too funny. 80 cv joints

    It does have CV joints. Birfields are a nickname.
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    Trail Gear FJ80 HD Steering Kit Owners? Tie rods problems

    I twisted the splines on my sector shaft when I still had stock size tires. I would not personally run HD steering components on these trucks without a 105 sector shaft. I have a 105 sector shaft and have kept the stock steering components. Easy to swap out a tie rod or drag link anywhere, not...
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    Builds Land Cruiser Products scores another turbo 80

    You can see the fuel heater. Part of the fuel filter assembly. Could also have a retractable winter front.
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