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    Builds 1-HDT rebuild - late 2019 start

    I think it's out boys. The bastard is heavy
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    Jump and the net will appear-Extended Adventure-July15-August 4, 2019

    I'm around reading things. Long story short, I joined the military, did some things, got out of the military, sold Soccer Mom, moved to Japan, didn't like it there after 15 months. I moved back to Denver and bought an HDJ81. I bought it in April 2018 Angelo
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    Not mine, but supposed 2016 Land Cruiser Double Cab Pickup for sale...

    Yeah, but those arent super questionable grey market vehicles.
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    Official 2019 Black Hills Cruiser Classic Thread

    What an amazing trip! I enjoyed every minute of it! Saw some old friends and made a bunch of new ones. Hopefully I'll be able to make it back next year. Here are a few of my photos. More scenic pictures than wheeling. Oh and thanks for all those raffle winnings! Cheers, Angelo
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    MUDShip  Denver to San Antonio and back

    I'll be driving my 81 from Denver to San Antonio June 1st or so. If you have something that'll fit in the back, I'll be glad to get it to where it needs to go. I'll also be driving back to Denver about a week later. I can go through Dallas if need be, but that isn't the current plan. Thanks...
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    Official 2019 Black Hills Cruiser Classic Thread

    Just registered for this. I've been wanting to attend for years. I'll be driving up from Denver.
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    SAS #3 Official Thread 2019

    So pumped, hopefully all the snow melts. Angelo.
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    For Sale -SOLD- Tepui Autana RTT w/ Annex - Siberian Camo - Denver Area

    I'll be driving down to San Antonio from Denver in mid to late May. Could possibly help out you guys out. Although I have no roof rack or load bars. Cheers, Angelo
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    Cruisin' The Woods 2018

    Hello, I'm thinking about attending this event in 2019, but am not finding much information about it. Is it posted somewhere else or am I just looking in the wrong place? Cheers, Angelo
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    Official 35" and under!! Post pictures!!

    33-12.5 15 GoodYear Duratrac with a Toughdog 3 inch lift from @TRAIL TAILOR
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    SAS #3 Official Thread 2019

    Working on that.
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    SAS #3 Official Thread 2019

    So Renegade Brewing Company has these pint glasses.
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    Artistic Cruiser Pics

    Photo credit goes to @rrdogma
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    SAS #3 Official Thread 2019

    I'll see what I can do! Cheers, Angelo
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