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    Alternator vaccum

    Could be the lines are blocked or the booster is bad. The vacuum pump is likely hot due to it trying to suck, but can't.
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    Clear Lake - Silverton, Co

    LMGTHFY - Clear Lake near Silverton. The Most Beautiful Place You’ll Ever Camp As to snow, this has been a year of good snow pack. June can be questionable at that elevation. Maybe someone in the area will check in. We used to go up there in the early 70's. Beautiful place!
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    Mini Tractors - lets see um

    Nice machine.
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    Laurel Lake info...

    Picture - Top of Conway Summit at the Virginia Lakes turn off in late February! It may be a while... Option - While different scenery, the White Mountains are likely passable, as are the Glass Mountains East of Mammoth. They get less snow and more sunshine. Cerro Gordo may be mostly passable soon.
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    Laurel Lake info...

    The road to Laurel Lakes has steep areas and off camber turns. If you go up, watch for ice. It's warming up during the day, but still in the teens at night. Thaw then freeze = Slippery. Forecast is snow in Mammoth 5 out of the next 8 days, with lows down to 12. I think winter is going to last...
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    Laurel Lake info...

    Agree with all that was posted by John. Just went through the area and there is a near record snow pack. Most high elevation areas are likely going to have a lot of snow well into summer.
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    A 4BD1T for Ellinor, and Some Other Projects

    As most Isuzu trucks are cab over wheel models, the transmissions are shifter with cables. There is a guy in Australia who makes a conversion kit to direct shift, but it was over $1400.00 USD.
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    Battery Maintainer Set Up

    I have a dual battery set up in 60 diesel. It uses 2 group 24 tied directly together. This is the only vehicle I have that does not have a battery maintainer plug on it. My question, is OK to only connect maintainer to one battery, and use the battery cables to transfer it does...
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    1985 BJ70 Brake Booster options?

    As Roscoe stated check to see if the vacuum system is working properly. I don't know the Toyota diesels well, but on my Isuzu 4BD2 swap in my 60, the diesels alternator vacuum pump created much more vacuum then the 2f ever did. This resulted in more power vacuum assist = much better brakes...
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    A 4BD1T for Ellinor, and Some Other Projects

    I corrected the above post. My new set up will add an additional 28 pounds of rotating mass the billet steel chevy flywheel, new adaptor and BBD2 auto flywheel. I had to go look it up.
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    Defaced H-55 Shift Knob

    Could have been worse...Imagine if his stick was damaged!
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    A 4BD1T for Ellinor, and Some Other Projects

    I run the dual flywheels with my set up - 4BD2+Chevota bell housing+H55. My current set up uses a Isuzu Swappers adapter(Which are no longer made), a stock 4BD2 manual flywheel, a chevy aluminum flywheel, and a chevota clutch with all stock clutch slave and master. It works well. I did not...
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    Photos? FJ Cruiser 17” steelies with 285 75s on SOA 60/62

    Hey Scott T, do you have a link to the rear hub set up? I assume you tow the 60? I've been considering that type of set up. Please excuse my hijack...
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    A 4BD1T for Ellinor, and Some Other Projects

    I'm looking forward to the build, and know you will get solid answers to any questions you post. Get going!!!
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    Defaced H-55 Shift Knob

    I have same, and really like it. Kind of worn smooth, but like the feel of the rubber.
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