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    Camper trailer weighs less than 300 pounds

    The world has gone insane if people pay $30K for that! The $10K model is more realistic, but is just an empty box - camping essentials will add up fast for small cars to tow.
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    Towing a 60 backwords?

    When we wanted to tow our 60, I asked Marv Spector about it. He said to use 2H and trans in neutral. Why? He said with the transfer case in neutral, it does not sling enough oil to keep all the moving parts lubed. Is he right? Not sure, but I have towed our 60 probably 30k miles with no issues...
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    Random Thought Thread (RTT)

    I hope none are Jr's or II's !
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    Random Picture Thread

    Sorry, the door was locked...
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    H55F Ticking sound

    My Isuzu diesel/H55 swap made a similar sound when I first completed the swap. The H55 was in my 60 with the 2f and did not make the sound. I never tried moving the shift lever to see if the noise stopped, but pushing in the clutch stopped it. I looked and listened and asked, no good answers...
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    Injection Pump advancing ? 13BT how in the...

    On my Isuzu 4BD2, with basically the same pump, I have used s couple really long extensions with a universal and socket. This works ok. Then, I made this...Spare wrench, torch, grinder, and 15 minutes. Works great!!!
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    Random videos

    Poor surfer...
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    60s with canoes and maybe other boats

    Our 2 person. Now we have 2 singles, an inflatable Hyside 2 person, and 2 SUP's. Gotta find pictures...
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    60s with canoes and maybe other boats

    Hey Zach, I thought you and Zach Brown Band are out on Tour? :)
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    Atticus made the news

    I was suggesting the bite-e watch his own junk, not to watch the bite-or's junk!
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    Random Picture Thread

    Toyota does pamper it's drivers...!
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    Atticus made the news

    Who ever his future cell mate is...Better watch his junk!!!
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    Does anyone carry a PullPal and to they work good?

    Never seen or used a Pull-Pal. But, I carry a 2 foot long piece of 4X8 and a short piece of 2" diameter pipe for an anchor. To use, you must dig a little to place the 4X8 down about 18". Then wrap cable around 4X8 and pipe, bury and start recovery. I have never had it pull out. The pipe...
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    For Sale Commercial Inflatable Kayak For Sale

    It's available and in near perfect condition. No holes or problems. Let me know.
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