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    SOLD Toyota Motor Steel Tool Box

    Sold, thank you.
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    For Sale  Toyota Tool Lot

    Selling a bunch of Toyota tools in one big lot for $190, which includes flat-rate shipping to the lower 48. Everything you see is Toyota. There are 51 tools, so it's south of $4 per tool. Some are true Land Cruiser tools (mostly for later years models), but the majority either came with other...
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    For Sale Toyota Tool Box

    Box still available. Price lowered to $89, which includes shipping to the lower 48.
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    For Sale Old Toyota Tools and Accessories

    A few updates have been made in the first post. @MadMace , shot you a PM about the nippers.
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    SOLD  Toyota Motor Steel Tool Box

    Cool, vintage early Land Cruiser steel box. Dims are 14 1/4" x 8" x 3". Pretty good shape. Opens and closes with no moans or groans. Latches are nice and tight. Bottom has some surface rust as can be seen. $115, which includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48.
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    For Sale Old Toyota Tools and Accessories

    Many of the prices shown in post #1 have been lowered from what they initially were. Trade still pending for 14, 17, & 26. Also have these: Toyota Motor brass bar $25 Toyota Motor nippers $20 4 old touch up paint cans (2 Honda, 2 Daihatsu). No paint inside. Cool garage ornaments to go next...
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    RK21 Fuel and Oil Gauges

    I know this section doesn't get a ton of action, but figured I'd start here. These have sitting on a shelf for over 60 years. Darn things are NOS. The fuel gauge is part number RK21 57220, so it was for the RK series vehicles from the mid-50s. Likely from a 1955 RK21. Thanks to @JohnnyC...
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    Vintage TOYOTA MOTOR Hand Tools and "TEQ" Accessories

    Great info - thank you for digging in. Now I'm gonna have to find a truck to build around the gauges. :)
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    Vintage TOYOTA MOTOR Hand Tools and "TEQ" Accessories

    @JohnnyC gonna lean on you here. Pretty sure these aren't Land Cruiser. Stout? Dump truck? The 5-digit part # box is for the fuel gauge, but the oil gauge got tucked inside.
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    For Sale Old Toyota Tools and Accessories

    If it doesn't say "Sold" in the original post it is still available.
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    For Sale Old Toyota Tools and Accessories

    Alot still available. Any numbered items in the pictures that are sold are marked SOLD in the description in the first post. Also willing to trade for early engine adjust kits or 40 series owner's manuals (1960's). Would love to see your trade offer if you have any and are willing to part.
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    For Sale  Old Toyota Tools and Accessories

    Selling alot of what I've posted in this thread over the last year: Prices and descriptions of what is for sale below. I could have taken a ton more photos to show detail, but figured I'd limit it to...
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    SOLD Two Toyota Motor Steel Tool Boxes

    Forgot to mark it sold. Sorry about that. Will do so now. And dims are 14 1/4" x 8 " x 3".
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