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    Local Diesel Prices

    I am now seeing petrol diesel prices up to $5.39USD/gal here in remote and rural Northern California. The local biodiesel supplier has been pegging his price to the rise in petrol diesel, which really ticks me off. I paid $5.10 at last fill up, but thankfully that was almost 3 weeks ago since...
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    Problems with runnig straight bio?

    I was running B99 in the summer for the last couple years, and around B50 in the winter in my BJ42. I did not change out fuel lines because I never got a leak. (I also am running the same blends in my Mercedes and have yet to get a leak.) I did change my fuel filter frequently when I first...
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    Local Diesel Prices

    $4.50 USD/gal for B99 here in Coa$tal Northern Cali. I will 2nd folks' comments on the biofuel-food problem. Experts are giving warnings that this could turn into a really bad problem: famine, unrest etc. The biodiesel I buy is all waste oil derived. RE: fuel prices. I would argue we don't...
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    multiple glow cycles in the morning

    I have to agree with Jan, there is something fishy with the HJ-60, especially the black smoke. If anything my BJ42 would give a short bit of the classic white smoke on initial cold start in the winter. My Mercedes doesn't much at all. Both ran/run biodiesel in various blends. Compression is...
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    CA DMV problem (sigh)

    Gentlemen- I know this doesn't address the problems faced by owners of non-North American diesel LCs, but here is the route I will pursue for my next diesel LC: From the CA DMV website: "Effective April 1, 2005, a smog certification is not required for any 1975 and older vehicle and the...
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    CA DMV problem (sigh)

    I feel your pain. This is exactly the scenario that happened to me when I first brought in my BJ42, but I was able to get the clear title from CADMV by throwing all my RI paperwork at them. It looks like somebody at CADMV has gotten wind of these imports and they are clamping down. My...
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    3b 60 - only 18mpg? - Warning - math content...

    Injector rebuild? B
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    Manual glow plugs

    If you do a search for "Wilson Switch" you will get tons of info on manual glow. If my truck hasn't run for a while, I double or triple glow it before starting. No smoke. But on my (former) 3B engine there is a ~5 secs. timer for the glow cycle. You may also have one or more dead plugs...
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    new member with some questions

    I would also post the tires in the parts classified section. I'm sure there would be good demand for that size and that tire among Bay Area cruiserheads. Nice to hear of another biodiesel cruiser in Cali. B
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    BJ42 import - CA registration

    Congrats! My experience though is that the DMV will give you plates and register it, but they won't give you a CA title. Instead, a letter will come later from the 'technical compliance division' or somesuch asking for a letter from Toyota stating that it conforms to USDOT regs. That letter...
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    1983 BJ42 Factory Power Steering, H55F, 277k miles, Rebuilt Engine, Aqualu $12k/Offer

    OK here come pics taken last weekend. Don'tcha love Cali in November?;)
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    1983 BJ42 Factory Power Steering, H55F, 277k miles, Rebuilt Engine, Aqualu $12k/Offer

    Did you check shipping costs? Thanks for the bump. B
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