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    Repair shops in Northern Virginia?

    @OTRAMM is in Bealton. hes a cruiser head and a contributor here. Well worth the hour or so drive.
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    Factory bumper hidden winch install

    very nice! where'd you get the box/cover?
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    Almost done restoring my FzJ80 - What do you guys/girls think?

    I honestly expected to see a higher price for this . I can't imagine you're making your money back. Sorry to hear you have to let it go.
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    For Sale 1994 FZJ80 3x Locked Single Cab Chip, Boyce,VA (5,000 OBO or trade for clean 1975-1982 FJ40 Body)

    I've seen this awesome ute in person. If I had the cash I'd buy it right now. @ChoppedJ80 is a good guy too.
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    80 Series Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    i need one. I didn't see it on your website?
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    STRI - PAH!!! and on the fly? nice. ;)
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    80 Series Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Yes Yes and ..YES!!!
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    welcome and congrats! looks like a fine specimen. I'm in the valley, but all the cool trails are here anyway so i'm sure ill see ya!
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    Show me you backup camera with rear bumber / tire carrier

    which camera is that? your picture quality is great. mine. not so much
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    What it Cost to Own an 80 Series: 11 months and 20,000 Miles In

    agreed. I bought the 80 because I've wanted one since they were made. I also bought it to learn/improve my wrenching skills. I took a vow to myself that I would never pay anyone to do any work on it and so far I've kept my word.
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    What it Cost to Own an 80 Series: 11 months and 20,000 Miles In

    this might be heresy, but you could get a used 4runner and put several thousand in parts/PM into it before hitting 30k. and you'll still have beer money left at the end. me? ill just risk it with the 80 and hope I'm within walking distance to a signal when she goes.
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    FJZ-80 too hard to own going forward?

    My daily is a 5th gen. Park it next to the fzj everyday. The 4runner looks tiny compared to the LC. The 4rnr interior is actually a little bigger than the LC, interestingly enough. Absolutely agree about reliability and the 4rnr will do almost everything offroad that her older cousin...
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    Big Green Buffalo Build Thread

    Color me impressed. Sub'd
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    Idle trouble and loss of power 80s series

    @SmokingRocks ... " It's too easy to fire the parts cannon at the problem" 🤣 I love it. I tend to get an itchy trigger finger with the ol parts cannon myself. This is very good advice btw
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    Builds "Red Lobster" Build

    thats forkin kewl!!!:p
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