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    For Sale SoCal-Section-152-Windshield defroster guides

    Thanks Mark I can meet up with you about 1 or 1:30 on Friday if that works and be good to see you too Thanks For your help
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    For Sale SoCal-Section-152-Windshield defroster guides

    I would like to get a pair that would fit 77 windshield frame
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    Wanted FJ40 parts

    Looking for defroster vents that go in the bottom of a 77 FJ40 windshield frame need both right and left also looking for the striker that the lock goes against for the gas door on a 73 FJ40 tub need 2 strikers as I have two tanks with factory gas fillers added Thanks Phil
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    vin plate

    Look for the one on the A pillar
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    vin plate

    I'm looking for a picture of the VIN plate looks like for 73 FJ40 Thanks
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    FJ40 half doors

    In search of some half doors for a 73 FJ40 that would accept best top uppers or could be adapter too thanks
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    Rubithon Pictures

    Pictures I took one the rubithon
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    Well we have made our stops and now on to Stockton for the night
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    Well the first part stop is done now we our on way to the next in Fresno we need to pick up a Xcase
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    Below the Grapevine...on our way to Bakersfield for a 700R4 and an adapter.
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    I will help out just say the word :beer: :beer:
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    Safety Picnic

    Group line-up the rest of the photos
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    Calico Adopt-a-Trail Update

    count me in
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    Wanted 40 Front Housing

    It sounds like I will be back to see you soon Mark is standing over my shoulder now Delivery service lives again
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    So Cal Exposition Idea

    this sounds like great idea let know if you need help
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