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    Pigtails and soldering or crimp new pins?

    For me, if the wire is still long enough, crimp. If it needs to be made longer, I solder and use waterproof heat shrink.
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    Long awaited 80 series acquisition... or not???

    If you buy a rig, drive it around, and plan on selling if for a profit, you're crazy. I'm not saying it doesn't sometimes happen. But you shouldn't make that part of your plan. There is a bigger chance that you will dump a bunch of money into an old vehicle that drinks gas fast and whose parts...
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    Help ID-ing Radiator

    I think you're right. I was installing a new "wimpy" blue. Good catch.
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    Power window sometimes won't roll up

    While I haven't had that exact symptom, I did just have an issue where the window would not go up. I cleaned the contacts and such in the master switch assembly and it now works fine. I'd try that since it is free to try and not too difficult. Just be careful because there are quite a few small...
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    Help ID-ing Radiator

    Even though I don't live where it gets all that hot (Western Oregon), we do get some hot days and I also like going out to the desert in summer. When I did the oil change, I was advised to go 30K on the oil from the AZ crew.
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    Help Needed: What would you use $3K to do to your 80?

    Cup holders.
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    ARB hack

    I understand that some people are going for a certain look but for me, it's function first. I'd be keeping the bars.
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    Pricing help on 1988 FJ62 with 180k

    If you're happy with the deal, than that's all that matters. For me, I would never pay that much.
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    Not another tire question....

    Those actually aren't vastly different tire sizes. Just doing the converstion, the first is 11.2x31.6 and the other is 10.4x31.6, so one is slightly narrower. I've never run either, but I find that Les Schwab is pricey and pushes tires that only they carry. I have been pleased with Discount...
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    Fj60 1982 2F, High Flow thermostat & Thermostat Housing Bolts question,

    I've heard that some have replaced the bolts with studs. Anyone try this?
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    Prepping for long distance travel

    As long as the previous owner took reasonable care (which from the picture it looks like he did), check the oil, put gas in it, and go. That's what I would do.
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    Sniper EFI questions

    No need to swap the distributor if you want a bigger coil. I've run a Accel supercoil for years using the stock distributor. IMHO, the stock unit is superior to a HEI unit.
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    Hood Risers for heat venting

    What were the temps before the risers?
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    Oil change rookie mistake

    I believe this is correct. The oil plug is a fiber washer. They are as cheap of a part as you will ever get for your cruiser. No need for OEM, but even those are cheap. Just buy a bunch and you'll have them on hand for the next change. Replace them at oil changes. RTV should not be needed.
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    Oil change rookie mistake

    You picked an excellent vehicle to learn on. They are simple and there is a wealth of knowledge and helpful people here. Live and learn. I found the Haynes manual of limited use, especially after I got the FSM. And that was 30+ years ago. And I found this in the FSM:
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