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    Wanted  HDJ81 "turbo" Grille Badge

    As title states, looking for a good condition Turbo badge for the new grille I purchased. Seems they are out of production, so I'd like to purchase a used one. Thanks.
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    1HDT/1HDFT (JDM spec) ATF cooler lines to radiator

    Are you running these lines all the way forward to the radiator?
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    Parting Out 1991 HDJ81.... NO ENGINE OR TRANS, Burnaby BC, Canada

    steering shaft from box, to firewall, if not badly rusted?
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    For Sale Repair Manual 1HZ 1HD-T 1PZ FSM

    Great seller! Thanks!
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    Wanted Jdm hdj80 series spare tire swingout

    Just as a word of caution, 80's that had this factory had very well reinforced lower tail gates and quarter panels.
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    For Sale 1PZ and R151 combo

    Looks like you are close to local to me. Would you split the r151 and case off the 1pz? I assume it would work with a 1HDT? Great looking parts.
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    SOLD 1HD FT.

    compression figures?
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    For Sale ---FEELER---80 series complete JDM OEM winch setup with bumper

    If you clean out your inbox, I have a setup that I have been holding on to and would sell.
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    Power steering can't steer with front lockers engaged

    thank you, that is great to know.
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    Power steering can't steer with front lockers engaged

    Sorry to bother but where did you source the new pump, @Coyomog ?
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    SOLD 1HD FT.

    what port did you land it in and why was the cost so high to get it to ID?
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    Comment by 'clarkfab' in media 'Engine side painted'

    Any chance of a .dxf for these instead of a .pdf? How was the steering box removal on the 81? Doing the same now and wondering if the box in the top where the p/s pressure switch is mounted needs to come off. Looks like it does?
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    SOLD Webasto Coolant Heater

    Best single thing I've done to my HDJ81. And a great buy at this price.
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    SOLD  RHD 80 Series Main Switch Panel Bezel

    Looking for the switch panel / trim bezel from a RHD 80 series for the drivers door. Somehow cracked mine replacing the switches, and I just know it's gunna annoy me to death. Trim is faux-wood, but grey would be fine as well really. Thanks
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