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    For Sale Fj62 Rear Shoulder bet kit Brown

    You have PM
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    1984 FJ60 Doesn’t Crank at All

    Just a thought. The Wires and switch you mention smell like a kill switch. Take a peek under the dash in them at area and see if you can locate a severed wire. even better is to ask the PO if you have their contact info.
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    Alternators, Meh who needs em

    Props for slugging up and back on 89. I used to cover VT as a Toyota field traveler for about 5 years and remember that drive very well. As for the alt...I found a cheap stock one on eBay and had Moseley Motors rebuild it to perfection.
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    Dobinsons IMS fj60 lift

    Is this helpful? Dobinson 2 inch suspension review
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    Vendor 60/62 series rear retractable seatbelt covers/trims

    I’ll take a pair in brown please. Can DM you.
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    Builds 'Brightening' a Fj60

    Oh Em Gee. Straight up cruiser porn for the likes of us maladjusted folk.
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    Builds I’m the 2nd and 4th owner

    Love that motor. This is shaping up to be the build thread of the year Deo.
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    New FJ60 Owner

    Nice 60! Seriously though, preserve that underbody with something ASAP!
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    3.5 Ecoboost swap...thoughts?

    My parents just visited and had an Expedition Max rental. That fat brick got up and moved with the ecoboost. I actually mentioned to my dad it would be great to swap into the 60. Anyway, I think you are blazing new territory with that motor in a 60. Personally, I would either want the diesel...
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    How to dispose of a full tank of gas

    This thread totally delivers.
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    Slight hesitation between 2200-2500rpm

    I have the same symptom that is chalked up to the EGR opening around 2000k rpm I disconnected it once and plugged the vac line with a golf tee and the hesitation was gone. Plugged it back in and now I just live with it. Worth a quick try to isolate it if you haven't already.
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    Maintenance and upgrades on our "new" FJ62...

    You must have the patience of a saint or I am just not doing this right. I've fumbled, cursed and generally been foiled trying to get 8 little rubber pieces into my door handles twice this week. Can you please share how you used the screwdriver to work them in? Thanks for saving me some more...
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    Starting FJ60 thats been sitting issues.

    Congrats! Where did you end up getting them machined?
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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Thanks @Robert Franzke! My wife was happy to have someone else handle my daily need to talk about the 60. Also, the kids were more than happy to have a second 60 in the driveway.
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    Driver Side Emissions Rack for HAC Pics

    @Robert Franzke , I’m around tomorrow if you need a look in person. I can take some pics later tonight for you at the least.
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