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    Favorite Mechanic for Land Cruiser in Dallas, Tx

    Can also vouch for Mike Goode at Goode's off-road. He did a full top end rebuild on my supercharged 80 and the truck was returned to me in better condition than when I took it in, a rarity. Attention to detail, very busy shop, so you gotta be patient. This is coming from a picky owner - I've...
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    SOLD 2016 200 Series - 45k Miles - Magnetic/Terra - $59,900

    You mention putting $2,500 into it making it perfect. What went into that beside the tires? Thanks.
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    Washer Fluid reservoir with SC and dual batteries

    Curious too. I tried to be cute and mold the stock one with a heat gun to make space for the intake tubing using the Slee relocation kit I had. I ended up with a hole. Then I just lopped the corner off and RTV'd some thick plastic over it followed up with some duct tape. It works, but it...
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    Wanted  80 Series Stock Spare Tire Crossmember/Winch/Brackets

    Looking to move my spare back under the truck. Would like a complete system but will take just the crossmember. Shipping to Dallas, Tx (75214) - name your price on parts.
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    For Sale CO: 80-Series Spare Tire Hoist w/hardware

    Back from the dead - any chance this is still avail?
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    My turbo Lx450

    Curious - did PO discuss welding up the cladding holes at all or how he otherwise addressed those prior to painting?
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    SOLD FZJ80 - Juiced blue hub fan clutch, newer intake tube, and FREE ringed supercharger fan

    $250 plus free shipping OR I'll throw in the ringed fan so $200 + shipping LMK
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