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    X2 Northstar Group 31 AGM model number?

    Edited to add the A on the end: NSB-AGM31A I'm in a rural area, so I use Amazon for all of my wiring stuff. Here is what I have in my notes for Northstar batteries: North Star AGM31A / AGM35 Edited: please see Gaijin's clarification below...
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    Adjustable Voltage Regulator

    I don't know that the BCDC is the only way, but I do know that is what the BCDC does. I have the 1225 in my LC.
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    LX license plate lights

    Depending upon build date, this may be it: 81270-60440 - Lexus Parts Now Or this: 81270-60460 - Lexus Parts Now More stuff here:2014 Lexus LX570 Rear License Plate Lamp - Lexus Parts Now
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    National Luna Touch Light Bar - Parasitic drain from switch backlight?

    @silverhorse I got it from Equipt outfitters: Touch Light
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    Rock hit front camera. Anyone else?

    Yup, lens cracked, but camera still worked. I have mine removed. The cameras are very pricy.
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    Raingler products group buy - CLOSED

    Not yet.
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    Discreet 40" LED Lightbar on Factory Roof Rack

    I'm 99% sure, these brackets won't work in that application (without modification). I'm sure you can make some that work. I have a local body shop/metal shop that does this kind of work for a reasonable price. I just bring them a cardboard template and tell them the material and thickness I...
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    Discreet 40" LED Lightbar on Factory Roof Rack

    I bored mine out to 9/32nds and that worked great without any slotting on my 2013. Also, if you are using the black oak 40" single bar, the mounting holes shouldn't be any lower than 3/4" from the top edge of the mount (maybe even a hair higher), otherwise you may get roof contact at the middle...
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    My Videos: Changing the oil in the front/rear diffs and transfer case

    I've used four Rhino ramps (sliders and skids) and they work fine. Make sure you get very sturdy jack stands. Being able to move the wheels/driveshaft will help with aligning them to get them into the right position to grease them.
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    Zero Point Calibration

    Apologies in advance if it isn't helpful - and is opinion only - my only zero point calibrations have been on an Audi, but they required software and a cable (VAG Com). I'd be shocked if you can do it on the cruiser without software (like Techstream).
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    front tow hooks

    I almost can't believe I'm weighing in again to a three page discussion about the lowly tow hooks, but I'll pretend we're sitting around the campfire, having a drink, and this is worth discussing... my tow hooks were rusted to hell, the bolts badly corroded. After watching ebay for months for...
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    SQOD Squad - Stupid Question Of the Day

    Yes, they fit.
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    Dealership won't install front lift spacers on the 2016 due to Dynamic Radar Cruise Control liability

    Or buy a jack and some wrenches and stop relying on shops for easy jobs. :)
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    SQOD Squad - Stupid Question Of the Day

    I can vouch for the fact that not rotating can result in uneven wear. I badly scalloped the outside edges of my last KO2s by not rotating. I replaced them much sooner than I should have due to road noise.
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    Adjustable Voltage Regulator

    No, it doesn't work on the newer ones ('16+?). I have a '13 so the diode does work.
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