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    Coronapocalypse Sales

    Would love a review when you get the springs put in. I have the shocks (you'll love them), but trying to figure out what springs and t-bars to go with.
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    Coronapocalypse Sales

    Yeah, Ironman has run sales on their Nitro shock kits the last couple years, but never the Foam Cell Pros. I already have the shocks. Wonder if somebody local wants to go in on it with me. I'll take the lift and they can take the shocks. We both save 20%. Hmmm...
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    Shock Absorbers

    Any other suggestions of where to buy Bilsteins? I'd love to support a 'MUD vendor/supporter if I can. Looking at some on Amazon. $83 each seems like a good price, but I'd pay more to help keep the doors open at a small shop.
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    Coronapocalypse Sales

    Thanks for the move, Admin. Didn't realize there was a special spot now.
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    Coronapocalypse Sales

    Anybody else seeing vendors with good sales going on during this shutdown? Would be great to highlight them here, now that many of us have time to work on our rigs. And, it'd be great to give the solid 'MUD supporters a shot in the arm as the economy goes into the crapper. Ironman 4x4 20% off...
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    12 Hole Injector Upgrade - Finally Tested

    Late to the party, but since this was opened back up, I'll add a little (probably meaningless) fuel to the fire. Pun definitely intended. I get the claim that the 12-hole injectors atomize better and that leads to less fuel used for the same power. The newer 5.7L engine's use of the 12-hole...
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    Need Longer Wheel Stud Advice

    Cost was a factor for me too. OEM are just crazy for lug studs and nuts. I used Dorman studs for the front of my 60 disc brake swap on my 40. Seemed like the diameter was right, but the spacing of the knurling was off a little. Didn't seem to pose a problem at all when we pressed them in. They...
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    12V Outlet Install

    If you pull the removable ash tray piece, there is a plastic piece behind it. Sort of cup shaped to allow the retraction of the ash tray. I cut the back off of that with a Dremel cutoff wheel to allow the depth of the 12V outlet and the 3D printed mount. If you ever want to go back, you can...
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    Spare Calipers for Cores? GOT ‘EM

    Thanks to Brian, this is covered. New brakes work great.
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    Cascade Cruisers for sale / wanted thread

    I ordered the wrong set of brake pads when I did my disc swap. Anybody interested in a set of Aisin/Advics brake pads for a late disc FJ40/55/60/62? Hoping to get the $37.50 I paid at Cruiser Outfitters. They’ll take them back, but I’d have to ship them. Hit me up. I can save them and bring them...
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    Knuckle Centering Tool?

    Thanks. I already hooked up with @lechnito. In fact, I’m all done and just waiting for the final bleed of the new disc brakes and an alignment of the new tie rod ends. I was about to return his tool when Coronapocalypse hit.
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    Replacing OEM backup camera with aftermarket?

    Anybody ever gotten far enough with this to figure out if the crap quality (especially in the dark) of our stock system is the fault of the camera or the screen? I'd be more down to spend the time/money to figure this out if it was really going to help. Seems like a lot of trouble for the same...
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    Events/Trails 10th Annual 100s in the Hills! *Silverton, Colorado July 22 - 27 2020*

    Don't want to be Debbie Downer, but Oregon governor just announced no groups over 25 of any kind today and non-essential businesses (bars, restaurants, etc.) to close. Any contingency plan for this trip if things are still FUBAR in July?
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    Events/Trails 10th Annual 100s in the Hills! *Silverton, Colorado July 22 - 27 2020*

    Looks like maybe one other person from the Portland, Oregon area. Hit me up!
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    Events/Trails 10th Annual 100s in the Hills! *Silverton, Colorado July 22 - 27 2020*

    My 11-year-old daughter will be thrilled.👍
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