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    Dissent offroad 200 series offerings.

    Is the slider utilizing factory holes or did you drill additional holes?
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    Dissent offroad 200 series offerings.

    I was just guessing. I am sure benc will be able to answer the specifics. Maybe the top part is two piece like a shell and the bottoms part is one piece? I dig almost look like factory steps but with slider function.
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    Dissent offroad 200 series offerings.

    Perhaps it’s a aluminum hybrid style? Top section aluminum and the bottom contact area steel?
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    Identify these wheels?

    RW for the win in 17”. For 18” I believe volk TE37 is the lightest...but it’s $$$$ and you need hub centric rings.
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    Builds Dog Cruiser Overland build - '17 200

    How come you are down sizing the tires?
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    Pulled Skid Plate - Trans Drip

    Sorry to hear that it is dragging so long. I wonder why they are hesitant to put the U-verse dye in the motor oil to trace the leak or determine it is intact motor oil. I had a similar leak in my challenger SRT8. It ended up being one of the plugs in the back side of the motor did not have...
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    hit my 600 mile break in

    Congrats! Went down the same road as you and never looked back. My 14 trail premium was a great truck. But nothing like 200.
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    Oil suggestions for 2010 with 107K?

    Thanks Tom. I will post my test results after next change.
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    Oil suggestions for 2010 with 107K?

    If I still had my other vehicles I would. For those who service their vehicles at the dealerships, their oil varies by brand. Dealerships use bulk oil and it is heavily dictated by price. The oil just has to meet Toyota specs. I am thinking about doing one on my 17 after the next oil change...
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    Oil suggestions for 2010 with 107K?

    I don’t know when Toyota went to a 10k oil change interval. I used to do mobile 1 at 5k on my other vehicles. Now I have switched to amsoil signature series 0w-20 and follow the factory oil change interval. With out getting into a “best oil” debate, I am confident the amsoil ss changed at 10k...
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    iPhone X mount???

    I use a pro clip phone holder connected to a long Ram arm which connects to a seat wedge mount. Puts the phone near the usb charge port by the front passenger left leg area.
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    Overland Expo West 2019

    You can also hotel it in Sedona. Hyatt pinon point is very’s about 30minute drive to flag staff. If you are going to camp at the event. Bring your mountain bike. I am planning on attending..heading there from SoCal.
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    Best Simple Modifications for 200 Series

    It’s the arb605 tire inflator. I compared it my long acre tire gauge and it was very close to it in accuracy. The tpms sensor on my 17 is about 1 psi off from my tire gauge. The clip on valve piece works pretty well. I use it air up and down (start with a pebble I pick up from the ground then...
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    Best Simple Modifications for 200 Series

    I have a large blue ridge overland bag. A snatch trap or Bubba rope (I have a wheelers snatch strap), tree saver (can be used on multi points like wrapping around axle or connecting two shackle contact points to a single snatch strap), factor 55 hitch to shackle block, 2 steel arb shackles, 2...
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    Best Simple Modifications for 200 Series

    Tint, Floor/ cargo mat, visor organizer (I have a blue ridge overland one), tv delete (depend on model year), center console organizer tray from amazon, pro clip cell phone mount with ram seat wedge holder, recovery bag with basic gear, portable compressor. Exterior for me was a flat style...
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