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    YotaMD 200 Series Titanium Fob Shell Kit

    Please add me on the list for a 2017 case.
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    ARB skid plates: good idea?

    Arb skids will fit 16+ but there are a few adjustment to make on the bracket that attaches to the crossmember. Also the transfer skid will fit but the factory dampner on the transfer case will not fit properly. I left my transfer case skid off. The Arb offer way mor protection then factory...
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    300 Series Land Cruiser wish list *Toyota Please Read*

    Since we are going crazy here electric hybrid with portal axles on 37s.
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    2021 Powertrain Upgrade and 200 Series Refresh

    Seqouia is a great passenger vehicle like Suburbans and tahoes. If the trail get technical then it struggles. Search around for Seqouia off road videos...very painful to watch. Most of the videos I have seen are the earlier generations with solid rear axles. I suspect the new generation with...
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    TPMS notes and easy DIY

    Yes they will Sir.
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    2020 Heritage Edition

    Heritage will be a game changer for department that is...sell you less for more money.
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    LX570 Slee Sliders

    I am...have not heard a thing.
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    Front shock threads after oem spacer install.

    Thanks ckkone. Did you use the factory top hat with the TD struts? Looks like the 4 nuts are flush with the studs?
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    Front shock threads after oem spacer install.

    Does anyone have a photo of how much threads are left on the front shock top hat studs after installing the oem 10mm spacer? I am thinking of installing it on my Dobinsons set up but only have about 10mm of exposed thread on the studs on the top hat. My Dobinsons suspension came fully assemble...
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    LX570 vs Jeep

    Motor trend article... Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon vs. Mercedes-Benz G550 vs. Toyota Land Cruiser - Motor Trend
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    Cosmoline on KDSS valve

    I just dabbed some anti seize on the threads when I tightened up the valves after the install then smeared the surface with some marine grade grease.
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    Events/Trails Quick Mojave Road Trip

    I had my 4Runner the first time I crossed the water crossing section and it was ok then. It rained on the way home and rinsed off a lot of the nastiness on the road. My budy ran it a few month later and when he stopped by, the truck smelled. The consensus within the group is to avoid it since...
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    Events/Trails Quick Mojave Road Trip

    I avoid the water crossing now because the stale water stinks. Once it’s stirred up the nasty water transport mud to every nook and cranny. I would only do the crossing if it’s necessary...if not the bypass is highly recommended.
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    Watch this video, LC200 accident

    In the video the person talking was telling driver to turn the steering wheel to the left (driver side?). I am guessing the hill was not only steep but it had significant slant to the left. I think you mix that with what others have stated, you get accidents just like the one in the video.
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    80 Series guy in the 200 Section..

    Sweet! Hope to see more soft goods for the 200!
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