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    Haunted Speakers! Booo...

    Did you ever get it figured out. Mine just started to make noise "buzzing" with change in RPM. Took the head unit completely out and the speakers still make the noise. Figured it was a bad ground or pinch wire somewhere. I have been cleaning and chasing each one today with no luck. UPDATE...
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    Prospective members

    Im in Ventura off the 33.
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    Adjustable Tire Deflators for MUD members at cost

    Inbox is still full. Let me know.
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    SOLD 80 Series OME J Spring Lift - 850J and 863J

    I am interested. Put me in line also.
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    Prospective members

    Ok thanks
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    Prospective members

    I was not able to make the last meeting so I have to ask are you still meeting on the 4th this month or changed it to the 5th or the week after?
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    Window Bug Screens For Your Cruisers

    If you have any laying around I would be interested in a 2nd and 3rd row set.
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    Prospective members

    Hey Im Bob and I live in Ventura. Just got a 92 fj80 and want to hit the dirt. See you at the meeting on tuesday.
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    For Sale 1992 FJ 80 ARB Lockers $6,950 obo Redlands California

    Thank you Joe. Cant wait to hit the dirt. Karen and I love it.
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