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    SOLD Houston, TX: 1997/Lexus/LX450

    Just one of those life cards I (guess the world too) was dealt... wasnt planning on getting rid of it 😔 it’s the perfect rig for Houston weather. It’s either this or the 100, and for now 100 wins hands down as a family car.
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    SOLD Houston, TX: 1997/Lexus/LX450

    Updated initial post to reflect that this is an unlocked (ie not factory lockers) 80 series/LX450
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    SOLD Houston, TX: 1997/Lexus/LX450

    More Pics
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    SOLD Houston, TX: 1997/Lexus/LX450

    More pics
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Flushed coolant & plastidipped hood and hatch matte black. Hatch was red on a green car, and hood was fading a good bit
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    SOLD  TX: 80 series rearb hatch window

    Hi all, 80 series rear hatch window For sale. Looks to be in good condition with defrosters. Getting rid of it due to unneeded space been taken up. An extra came with the 80 I bought. I’m in 77406, and local only please. Price: whatever you think is reasonable
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    DIY: Sunroof Weatherstrip Replacement

    mine is uneven as well and all is fine! As long as epoxy inside, you should be okay.
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    SOLD Houston, TX: Three 275/70/18 BFG KO2’s

    Sold to a local offerup buyer! Thanks all
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    SOLD Houston, TX: Three 275/70/18 BFG KO2’s

    These are pending a local buy
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    SOLD Houston, TX: Three 275/70/18 BFG KO2’s

    More pic x2
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    SOLD  Houston, TX: Three 275/70/18 BFG KO2’s

    Hi all, I have three BFG KO2’s for sale - took them off my car in exchange of P metric tires (Wife drives the 100 now). They are okay-good condition. I would keep as spares for my 80, but I have 16’s on them. price: for mud’ers Whatever you think is reasonable each tire has 3 readings...
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    Wanted lx 450 mud guards Lexus

    Just bought an LX450 which came w the running boards and mud guards removed. Once home ill let you know what color and if they’re for rear
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    For Sale/Wanted thread

    Let me know if anyone is interested in grey leather 3rd row 80 series seats.
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