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    Builds Building Bubbles the Turbo Super Tourer

    Thank you!
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    Lucky 3B/H55 acquisition!

    "Bluenicorn" Beautiful troopy!
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    Builds Building Bubbles the Turbo Super Tourer

    Where did you source the Crashpad swag from?
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    Need money spending advice

    Fridge Solar Go!
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    BJ74 Poptop, modular top camper or something

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    craigslist Not mine HZJ75

    Looks like a fire truck with the fire stuff removed and a pickup bed added. Plus a repaint, some hideous rims, and a crazy price tag. Good luck to him.
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    Show me your CB setup

    Mine is also where flintknapper's is, and I have the little Uniden as well. Don't think I've turned it on in the last 2 or 3 years though as everyone I wheel with has gone to ham radio.
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    1980s Specialized Stump Jumper Expert Needed

    Not an expert, but old enough to remember staring at my custom order Brodie frame on the wall of the bike shop waiting impatiently for the first shipment of Deore XT with SIS to hit canada. It was worth the wait, lol. I can't swear to it, but I think by later '87 Shimano moved away from the...
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    Official 1HD-T 1HD-FT 1HD-FTE and 1HZ BEB thread

    304,000 km on the truck, 180,000 km on these Taihos. Pleasantly surprised at how good the condition was. (that's just a bit of shop debris on the far left bottom bearings)
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    In memory

    Great pic!
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    Front diff starting to be noisy :(

    If you need a shop to look at it call EBI in Port Coquitlam: (877) 299-3540
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    Builds Portland Troopy Build

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    Exped Megamat storage method

    Unrolled, valves open as well.
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    CC Meeting June 11, 2020 Remote or at EBI?

    Especially if it’s nice enough to be outside, I’m good with an EBI meet.
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    Builds Red Dragon - HJ61 Build

    I shouldn't be anywhere near the 60 series section... but subbed :beer:
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