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    My new find... 1999 LX470

    When I bought my truck, headlights worked fine, but, the dash lights were intermittent. I got lucky in that it was just dirty contacts in the headlight mast switch. I turned it back and forth maybe 20 or so times and the dash lights have worked fine ever since.
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    Front Hub flange stuck on cv axle damaged splines

    @cruiseroutfit sells them too, IIRC. ...beat me to it lol
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    AHC rear end issues

    Springs are probably worn out. Miles? You got weight back there? Give a little more detail and more help will come through. If you camp or carry a load frequently, upgrade to the King Springs, worth it if you keep the AHC. Do some reading here on them.
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    Leaking front CV boots

    Yeah, no noise, only need to replace boots. Also, you can drive with them dry for a while before they are shot, like 8K or so :rolleyes: but you will need to replace them then. They aren't that hard to pull and swap, but I've not re-booted any. I figure if you can pull them, you can reboot...
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    Opinions Please

    something is up, pass
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    Touch Screen Navigation Radio Help?

    Best bet is to go over to ClubLexus and ask them folk. Way more ES owners there than here. - ClubLexus - Lexus Forum Discussion
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    Newby..... Broke front diff! Where do I get it fixed? San Diego

    Where you wheeling in sand and get some traction on a rock or something? You cant' really transition from high wheel speed to traction very well in any 4WD, something will give.
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    LC100/LX470 Part-Time Conversion Discussion

    @LX470Beast So your experience with the 2WD LX was because you don't have your front drive up and running yet? I'd think a 2WD would perform horrendously in the snow, like it did. Why would you expect it to do well? I'm not sure this is a reason not to do the conversion, just a word of...
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    New dissent offroad no cut rear bumper!

    Worth the wait, even without the delays and family issues! Now your offering a surprise!? Giddy...
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    Wallet key assistance needed

    My wallet key does turn both the doors and the ignition, and the key holder has the imobilizer chip in it, hold the card to the key cylinder while turning the ignition and truck starts. Maybe your truck has been re-keyed? Maybe wiggle the key a bit, worn lock with unused unworn key?
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    Have LX thinking of swapping for an LC. Am I taking crazy pills?

    Unless you can manage great deals on selling and buying, use the money you'll potentially loose and put a new Toughdog or OME set up on it. No more AHC worries. As for the interior, I'm with you, I made sure I got one with grey, the rest didn't really matter. Buy some seat covers. Off road...
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    Dissent offroad modular rear bumper.

    I'll be keeping it until something makes me change it. It seems aftermarket exhaust don't get you much other than sound.
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    Making a 4 seat 100 series?

    Mine is titles as a Sports Wagon, so you're not really lying.
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    Diy Gamiviti LED Bar mounts

    Snorkel is the TJM or an ebay knockoff, they are about 70 bux and work well.
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